Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Incase You Need To Know.....

"What do you do during a hurricane for entertainment?"
Since there isn't any gets pretty BORING.

We live in the age of "entertainment" and we bore easily without TV's and electronics of all sorts......ummmhummm.....not having a computer was ESPECIALLY hard from some of us.
Who will remain "un-named."

But interestingly enough.....we found a few ways to keep our family entertained.
And I thought we would just pass this along incase you ever need to know them.

My Family and House Guests played various "board games" by a light powered by our generator.

Don giving out the "rules"....
And last but not least.....

Family Wrestling"
"Miss Priss and Big Brother Luke"

Sleeping was a big hit too.....and once the storm left.
CLEANING up debris was the number #1 thing on the "Important things to do list."

Now we are bustling to do all NEW "Important Things" on our lists now and there isn't much time for "play."
There isn't time to do the "entertaining things" that we did without power nor the things we wanted to do when we had/have power.

This morning, Miss Priss, Italian Boy and Myself went to "Streams of Life" again, to help work with other voluenteers on site there to make up new food and relief boxes to be passed out tomorrow in storm ravaged Inner City neighborhoods here in Baton Rouge.

That's a HUGE thing on our "Important things to do list"....helping others to find some help right now.


The Rose Room said...

Actually, it would have been fun not to have all the techo things avaiable for a change! Rachaelxo

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Joyce.
I am glad things are slowly getting back to normal for you and your family. Great reading on your last several posts. Thank you for sharing your photos.
Hope you are well...and allowing for times to rest!
Hugs, Sharon

Joyce said...

You know your right Rachael....I'm sick of all the noice already and the family not being together in one room hanging out. Everyone has gone off to their own rooms to watch TV and such.

Denise said...

Sometimes I think that back to the "good old days" and long for the times around the table when we would talk and laugh ..... Evenings with family on the porch and kids in the yard...... Not sure about this progress thing! I have been aol for a while and have really missed my blog buddies..... so I am trying to catch up! This storm season is proving to be really bad and I pray for you and all those that have been effected by these storms.....


Sara said...

I'm so glad you guys are OK! I was worried about you all. I had guilt going on vacation and staying at the French Quarter resort when you guys were getting hit by the hurricane. I love how caring your family is, helping others when you have to be exhausted. You guys are such an inspiration.