Saturday, September 13, 2008

Windy City.....again.

It's late....toooo late for little girls to be up.

We have "evacuation" company that came in to stay with us from Lake Charles, LA. due to Hurricane Ike so we've been watching the storm come ashore.

And watching that crazy Geraldo falling down in the water and nearly being swept out to sea..... What I want to know is this......"Why do these people stay out in that weather!!!" It's like the want to PROVE they can "stand up" in 110 mph winds. Crazy!!!

This is a BIG Ol'STORM....the size of the ENTIRE State of Texas..and we have had nutty "Tropical" weather ALL day long starting early in the morning.

People in town have been panic buying food and water and panic buying GAS....traffic was a nightmare today in Baton Rouge...which is never a fun place to drive in the first place.

It's now about 1:00am and we can hear things flying on or OFF our roof. Ugh.....

Today has been exhausting and I think it just goes back to be tired from all the drama of the past few weeks even.

We have friends who are like family in Corpus Christi and know many people in Texas.....all over.....we have been very concerned for the coast of Texas.

We are wishing and praying for everyone in "harms way" in both Texas and and peace.
Houses and cars can be replaced.....but lives cannot.

More tomorrow......well it is sort of tomorrow now isn't it?
Well.....then......"more later in the day."

Gabe is in town for the LSU game...he flew in from Connecticut on "9/11"....I hated that but he made it just fine.
He's coming for "breakfast" in the morning which is just a few hours away so I suppose I should get to bed so that "event" can actually take place. HA!


Valentine Hearts said...

Thinking of you and everyone affected by this awful weather! I have tried to phone my friend, and of course they have no phone line but I just wanted to try. It's the un knowing that is hard. You are all in my thoughts x

MelanieJoy said...

We have some family that live in Lake Charles too. They came up yesterday and brought another family with them. I let my cousin borrow a mattress last night for their house. They have five adults and six kiddos extra for the next..hopefully..few days.
Prayers for all....

Anonymous said...

Hope everything passes over quickly without damage or harm!

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I am so glad ya'll didn't get hit. We had some strong gusts come through last night, but I am at the point of not worrying and slept like a baby(older one on schedule-lol)but we do have lots of branches again to clean up. We had tornado warnings yesterday and now we are just under a tornado watch. I too am exhausted close to being hysterical. I just pray for the people in Galveston and Houston and all the little towns around them. The devastation is horrible. I pray this has cooled off the gulf waters enough to keep them away or getting large. Love Ya, Pat

Joyce said...

I think we are ALL exhausted big time here in this area and now the other side of lower Louisiana and Texas...God help them.
This hurricane season has brought a whole lot of devastation.