Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craft Shows, Festivals, you go to them?

Oak Alley Plantation

I haven't really gone to Craft Shows in several seems like I went to them for years and never missed them, even traveling with friends to other towns and states even to attend them. Then I just lost interest in them somewhere along the way as life became busy.

Two weekends ago.....Miss Priss and I decided at the "spur of the moment" on a Sunday afternoon to go to a Craft event at a Plantation just about
in-between our city of Baton Rouge and the city of New Orleans.
We had heard about the show going on but hadn't really planned on going. She and I haven't really gone to Craft Shows because I always went with my friends.

But now she's getting older. Sigh. And it's time to "Teach the ways" of Craft Shows and such. HA!
So we jumped in my truck and headed towards New Orleans.

The area is called "River Road" because it runs along the Mississippi River and it is known it's wonderful and beautiful old Plantation homes.

We went to "Oak Alley" Plantation in Vacherie, LA. which has held a Craft Show for the past few years.

Vendors Tents everywhere....

Even Tents under big sprawling Oak limbs....

The day was the MOST perfect day for doing this.......very clear and sunny and just a tad bit cool.

After looking around at all the things offered...I talked Miss Priss into "Touring" the Plantation with me as well.....I love History and she's not a huge fan....YET. Just give me a bit more time.....HA!

You aren't allowed of course to take photos inside the house...cameras and their flashes aren't healthy to the presevation of antique paintings and these photos are from the front doorway below and the upstairs balconies.

Views from the front door area and the balconies.

The Plantation and it's grounds are wonderful if you ever want to visit it.

Another view.....

Have you ever taken a photo of yourself? You know how you hold the camera out with your own arm...they usually aren't pretty are they? HA!

This photo is better but still no "work of art."

Finally it was time to go......they were packing up the tents and their goods.

We ended up buying a pair of "LSU Tiger earrings" for Miss Priss and "three Silver Charms for my Charm bracelet" "Aligator (of course) and two different styles of "Crowns" (of course) from a vendor from New Orleans.

Then it was time to we headed to the FOOD BOOTHS.....which when you go to Craft Shows or Festivals in Louisiana.....believe me when I say.....
"It's all about the FOOD!!!"

There was soooo much good food to choose from.....the smells the entire time were incredible. Finally we decided on what to eat and headed out the gates to leave.

Miss Priss with the "Shrimp and Onion" on a stick.....and "Kettle Corn" for the Daddy.....and fresh Lemonaide.

We were parked WAY OUT in a big ol' the middle of Cane fields. So we had a good little walk ahead of us again. UGH!

Have you even seen a "Sugar Cane" field?? Sugar Cane is a huge crop in Louisiana.

Sugar Cane

It looks tall and similar to corn in some ways because it's a stalk plant with those long leaves....but it's different.

Going back out the long drive to Oak Alley.

Louisiana is known for it's "Festivals".....many small towns hold them. There are nearly "400" Festivals held in Louisiana annually during the year. A
mazing isn't it? They are all different too....

I had NEVER gone to anything like these "Festivals" until we moved to a small town in South Louisiana for several years. The food, the culture, everything involved is interesting and something to least once. HA!

Crowley has the "Rice Festival"....Rayne has the "Frog Festival"....Delcambre the "Shrimp Festival".....Abbeville has the "Giant Omelete Festival AND the Cattle Festival"....New Iberia has the "Sugar Cane Festival" and on and on the list goes.

How about your "Neck of the woods"....does your city do something special in the Fall or Spring regarding Festivals or Fairs?

Stay tuned.....
I am going to show you photos later from a "Festival" that my Cousin Sara's town does in Missouri.


Sara said...

How gorgeous! That plantation is on my to-do list when we come to visit. I love anything old and that looks like it came out of "Gone with the Wind"! I'm so glad you have a daughter to drag along :)

Anonymous said...

I have never been to a craft show but would like to one day. That one sounds amazing, especially because it was held in such an historic place. What fun!


Ms.Daisy said...

Atlantic City has a Seafood Festival each year and, wow, is it ever good eatin'! However, a few years ago I became alergic to SEAFOOD! How awful is that? I am becoming more and more "into" crafts and so, I will be looking for more craft shows to attend! Good post - loved the pics of you and Miss Priss!


The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, so glad your daughter went with you. I couldn't get Brenda to go last year. There is a wonderful story about the original family who owned Oak Alley and the wedding they had for their daughter. The Frog Festival is next weekend and can you believe I have never attended one, but thinking about going to the craft show. Luv Ya, Pat

Denise said...

Just got back from some beautiufl country such as you have here and some wonderful Craft Fairs !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess they have these craft festivals everywhere now. I would love to go to the one you went to. We went to one here in AZ Saturday. My post tomorrow will be about it. We don't go as often as we used to but we still go.