Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tea Time.....

Me in front of "The Russian Tea Room" in New York City.....Miss Priss on the side having a Latte along the way.
On our last day in New York, we were walking to 5th Ave to shop and just "happened" upon "The Russian Tea Room"....which made me mad because I WANTED to go to Tea while I was in the city.
But on trips we don't always get to do everything we want to do sometimes..bummer.
Especially in that city because there is SO much to do and see.
Oh well...I know where it is maybe next time. HA!

However......on another day recently, here in my own city of Baton Rouge...I went to a Tea with some very special people.

Marsha my good friend and Tea Hostess

Last week, or was it last week? I think I've lost a week somewhere in here.
It's been a busy life lately. That's normal for this family though. HA! good friend Marsha sent invites out to a few of us for Tea the other day.

The table was set when we arrived and it was GRAND!

It's always so heartwarming when someone goes to such effort for your enjoyment...especially since they didn't "have to do it."

Each place setting reminded us of how she used to set up at her Tea Room
"The Hope Chest" when it was still open.
Many of you who know me or know her story, may remember that Marsha who had ran her Tea Room for 10 years here in Baton Rouge, closed it after her husband passed away.

Antique Christmas ornaments hang from her crystal Chandelier above the looks SO pretty in person.

Two of the "Honored Guests"...Marsha's Daughter-In-Law, Christy with her baby and Marsha's Grand Daughter, "Baby Avery" who Marsha now takes care of nearly daily while Christy works.

Marsha is known for her fabulous "Tea Foods" and this was just "one" of our dessert.
She pays CAREFUL attention to detail....just look at this Bread Pudding.

She made them like Autumn Leaves!!!
So fun!

One of the "displays" in the room. Cute!

We other ladies had some items to discuss....for a while now we have had a "Burden" to start something to help women...especially the younger ones....but we are seeking direction.

Tricia, Joyce, Marsha,and Diane who is seated.

.....lets try it again but this way.

Sometimes it's all about "positioning around obstacles"......

We all know that when the "timing is right" that everything will all fall in to "position" and will work out.

Oh.....and also that a "Cup of Tea" will have a HUGE part in it all.


Sonja said...

Hi Joyce.
The word "Position" seems to be the KEY one for this season. We must position ourselves and the Lord will open doors! Potioning meaning "setting our eyes always on Him as we STEP out in faith."
I understand that burden! I believe Woman are taking position (including men) and the Lord is awakening our Spirits to the urgency of the hour! We must not fall asleep like the 10 virgins that did and missed out on the oil!!
Be Blessed sister.

sonja h.

Anonymous said...

I love these little tea rooms. The antique Christmas ornaments brought back memories. We had these kind back in the 50s but they were replaced through the years. Wish I had them now.

Denise said...

I am back and I have missed everyone soooooooooooooo much! I love your pictures and that table was beautiful ! I love the old Christmas ornaments on the chandelier ......... I collect old ornaments! Those were delightful !

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Joyce,
I love those bread pudding autumn leaves...very nice touch!
The old fashioned Christmas ornaments remind me of the ones on our tree when I was a girl and they are very lovely memories!


Alice said...

What a beautiful tea you attended. It does make you feel cared for when someone goes to that about of time and effort. I wish you blessings on your plans to help others. I am eager to find out what you and your friend decide to do.