Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great Pearls, Good Friends....."Project Pearl Persuasion"

My good friend Nora and myself.Nora hated this photo of herself because she looked so thin and I didn't like this photo much either because I looked
SO HUGE beside her! HA!

My good friend Nora and I have both been so busy that we haven't had time to go do anything together in forever it seems.
So we decided to go to lunch last week.

I told her......that we "could not go...unless we WORE our Pearls."
Because what is the USE of all of us having all this stuff if we can't enjoy it???
Jewelry especially.

She agreed to wear hers.

And I wore mine.

Okay...hers are REAL and are also "antique" Pearls that she inherited from her Aunt.

Mine are "fakes" but they are "nice fakes" that I just happened to "pick up" while while Miss Priss and I were having a "shopping day" without the men at "Macy's" in New York. HA!

GREAT STORE that Macy's by the way.
We have a Macy's here......but it's nothing like theirs believe me.

It's NINE floors!
We found several MAJOR discounts on things we purchased AND we received an overall discount on everything because of those crazy "tour bus passes" we held. That was an unexpected BLESSING as well.

We HAD to go up to the "Christmas" department because my sister Jenny in Iowa asked me to look for "Elf" up there. That's her most favorite movie of all so she wanted me to check out where he worked. Because he worked in the Macy's Store in the movie.
WEll I think they called it "Gimble's" but it's been out of business since the 80's so they really were using Macy's.

Anyway......they were JUST putting out the Christmas merchandise.
I couldn't find Elf anywhere...and I didn't want to "ask for him."

"Attention:......crazy, hick, woman from Louisiana on the 9th Floor" we just looked around and bought a few things up there too.
A gift for one of my good friends.
Umm....and one tiny gift for "ornament" for our tree this year. :~)

Miss Priss even bought her "Homecoming" dress there at Macy's too and you should SEE it.
It is Fabulous!!! We got such a great deal on it too...I HATE to even tell you what we spent on it because I think they goofed...big time.

I double checked my bill yesterday when it came in the mail.....and yes....the check out price was correct.
WE thought it ended up being cheaper than the tag price when we bought it.
And it was.....then we recieved another discount on the bill. Cool. I paid the entire balance off tonight and didn't even wince. HA!

I will show you photos later when that night comes for her in November. And I might tell you the price. HA!

I loved this necklace when I saw it so I bought it and the earrings and that was my "one SPLURGE" on my trip and my "momento" for the trip.....

Well..not counting that second Broadway show we hadn't planned on seeing.....yikes! HA!
It was SOOO worth it though...Miss Priss and I LOVED that "Mary Poppins! HA!
I mean HOW many times do you get to go to New York and see Mary Poppins???

Anyhow......don't worry though, as if you would. HA!

I DO have some "real" pearls as well that my husband gave me one year for Christmas...... but they are locked up in our safety deposit box.
I tucked them safely away before the hurricanes..... I need to go and get them so I can start wearing them.

This new "ideal" of a little something I'm going to call
"Pearl Project Persuasion" and if you have some....why not join us? I say real or fake...lets have some fun right??

Get those babies out and WEAR THEM. What good are then in a box or otherwise.
Such a waste really. light of the economy.....we may need to pawn these things at some point.

So come on let's enjoy them now girls.

I'm wearing mine all the time now....join me on my "Project Pearl Persuasion" if you wish to.

I say we have a bit of fun and laughter because the news "seems" to be all bad right now.


I'm trying to keep things cheerful.
However I did receive an e-mail from an old dear friend of mine in Iowa, whose husband lost his job today.
This is the THIRD person...and second good friend of mine to suffer this in the past two weeks.

Things are getting very tough for many.


The Urban Chic said...

Now Susie, I cannot believe that you went all the way up to the 9TH floor and only bought one ornament. Girl I came home with boxes on 2 trips in December, but Donnie says no visit this year---bummer. Well for the pearls, you know it's fashionable to wear them with jeans--wish I had some real ones also---my daughter has a real pearl bracelet and she doesn't wear it and I have been begging for years-lol. I gave her my diamond tennis bracelet and she lost it. Well I am headed off to bed---got tons of work to do before Monday---I am doing away with Cox and getting digital recorders. Have a great weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat

Joyce said...

Hey Pat,
Well, I bought TWO for a friend and one for myself...:~)
It's expensive to go to New York but if you have someone to stay with that's not so bad I wouldn't's those hotels that cost SO much.
Just stay home and save your $$$ for now and go visit him when things calm down.
I would LOOOOVE to go during Thanksgiving and see the parads....I bet it's a ZOO though. No thanks!
See ya!

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, I'm enjoying your stories of your time in NYC! The stores are great and very fun to go to! I'm glad you and your family had such a good time!

Your idea to wear your pearls all the time is like my friend's idea for us to use our good china, glasses, silver and tablecloths instead of keeping them in cabinets and stored in boxes. So, we have dinner for each other once a month and it has turned into a "dinner club" with 10 ladies now joining in! It is a lot of fun! Go with your idea - keeping them in boxes does no one any good!