Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday......Looking Back to New York

Two weeks ago today ...which was a Tuesday.....I was in New York.
I still haven't finished telling you that story yet or showing you my photos. HA~!

View From The Top...
We are on a "Bus Tour" of "Upper Manhattan"...."Central Park" is on the right side of the bus.
It's HUGE and very lush.

The American Museum of Natural History

"The Dakota"...

Can't remember what this building was but neat awnings ...I think I have a THING for awnings apparently. I have tons of photos of buildings with them. HA!

"Miss Priss at the '3 Story' DISNEY STORE"......yikes!
That place was SOOO neat....we could hardly get Miss Priss out of there.

"Ground Zero"
EVERYBODY ALWAYS asks me "if we went to Ground Zero"...this photo is as close as we got to it and that was close enough.

It's still a BIG HOLE in the ground which after 8 years since America was ATTACKED by Terrorist....is sad to me.
I wish they would get something done there....as do probably do the thousands of family members of those killed.

I can't remember what this building is either. HA!
But HEY....there's our "Insurance Company" behind this old building.

Very cool looking "Staples" store....can you imagine? LOVE those "candy stripe" awnings.

While in New York we took TWO "Bus Tours" on two different days...which I think is the BEST way to get around a big ol' city that size, in the least amount of time.
Without walking your brains out which we did anyway.

Miss Priss and Gabe.....on top the "open topped Double Decker bus" we rode on.

This was near our hotel on 57th street....I take it that it is some kind of "day spa"...but I loved the sign...and I think I would want to PAY BIG BUCKS to do what is says......NOT!
Can you see the painted sign on the window.....it says:
"Reflexology and......NAPPING!!!"

I nap all the time and never pay for it. What are those New Yorkers thinking??
Maybe I should start a "napping business"....hummmm.

"The Cathedral of St. John The Divine"

Very nice remodeled "Tenements" in Harlem.

The inside of "St. Patrick's Cathedral"....
St. Patrick's is such a well known church world wide...so I just HAD to get in there and see what it was all about.
It's lovely inside....if you like history and craftsmanship.....you'll love this church building.

"Gabe's head"....and looking over into Central Park....HA!

I've been waiting on "Miss Priss" actually because she has a LOT of great photos that she won't surrender over to me. Ughhghgh!
I've been threatening her with a beating....but she still forgets to send them to me.

So sorry you all will have to settle for mine which aren't too terrible....:~)
Are they?


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I am so up to my neck in infections right now and praying that I don't have to have surgery on the nose. Love all your pictures from NYC. I have been to Ground Zero 4 times and I always get the same emotional feeling as the first. I do hope you went up to the Empire State building---but I hope you didn't do like me and hang over the edge which is against the law---hey, how was I to know????? Love and Hugs, Pat

BBLeigh said...

Hi!! I just wanted to let you know the building in front of the MetLife building is Grand Central Terminal!! I'm so glad you got to go to NYC. I love it there!!!

BBLeigh said...

Oh, this is Brittany Hall, by the way. Hahaha!! Forgot to mention that . .

Susie Harris said...

Your pictures are great! Im sorry you have been feeling ick! Hope you are on the mend now. Yall should find an indoor pool somewhere cause I think the swimming would be so good for you year round. Wish I had one to offer to yall.... take care and get well~

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Joyce!

Wow I just love all your lovely photos! It is my dream to visit New York, and spend an entire day shopping, sighting seeing and visiting the theaters! I am looking forward to seeing more of your photos, and oh what beautiful buildings this wonderful city has! Thanks so much for sharing!



Ms.Daisy said...

Your pics of NYC are really good...I live only 3 hours away from the City and I don't have pictures like these!
Taking a bus tour...hmmmm, sounds like a really good idea...we usually "walk our brains out!" :)


Joyce said...

HEY Brittany!!!
Oh my gosh it is sooooo good to hear from you. I was surprised!!!

And you.....a little girl who lived in the HAMPTONS and knowing all those rich New Yorkers....
I think they are still rich too because I've seen the one on TV lately. You know who I mean. HA!

Yes, you would know that photo was of "Grand Central Station!"
That was so funny...thank you though. I couldn't remember what in the world it was...besides we were on "information overload" on that trip you know??
Just trying to ingest it all was crazy.
I'm sending you an e-mail too just incase you don't see this.
Miss Joyce

Gemma said...

Hi! I came over from Julie's blog.
Glad you had fun in NY!