Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Julie's Art Challange.....

"Fire Fancies" painting by Arthur Hacker

Isn't this a very interesting painting.....I like it alot.
Did you see the teapot on the table?
How lovely is that chair she's sitting in.
The back railing of it is so unusual.
Is she sad?
I wonder what she is pondering.

My Blog Friend "Julie" from Bismarck...ummmm....I would love to have a Bismarck right now....and a hot cup of tea.Aren't they great? Filled with Jelly or Bavarian Cream and......never mind.

Sorry I am on a VERY strong "anti-biotic" and didn't sleep much last night. Blah.
So I'm a tad loopy this morning.

However.....back to my point.

Julie at "Celtic Lady" has offered this Art Challange on her blog site. She is "Co-hosting" this event...and invited me to even participate.

Which is an honor actually because I am sort of "Art Challanged" ....little did she know. HA!

Now, I LOVE art....and I am creative person......just not all at once sometimes.
It just depends on the situation. HA!

Since I just got back from a big trip and the time frame for the Art Challage is looming....(they may extend the dates on this by the way)..I told her I wouldn't particpate this time but would "pass this information" on to you all.

Who are all highly creative and artistic people. :~)

I love the gifts they are awarding the winning particpant too.
I want them all......sigh.


Julie said...

Thank you very much for the plug!

By the way, the pastry and the city are both spelled Bismarck. Bismarck was named after Count Otto von Bismarck of Germany. I don't know about the pastry!

I had a ginormous muffin today - they were furnished in my computer class this morning. That, plus lack of caffeine (I didn't drink the coffee) made me very sleepy as I tried to learn Excel. We'll see how I do after lunch!

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, yep, we bring back the many germs from NYC. With so many people in that melting pot, it's hard not to catch something. I wanted to tell you before you left that if you decided to splurge, Ruby Foos is an awesome place to dine, but you have to have reservations and we were fortunate to have to only wait an hour. It was a beautiful dining experience. Hope you feel better soon. Love and Hugs, Pat

Joyce said...

Thank you!!! You are right and I didn't even catch that...I'm such a ding dong. HA! I just corrected that spelling.
I read about the Count today when I was looking up the doughnut. HA!
Hope you get some takers...it looks really fun.

Denise said...

Hey girl.... I love that picture and would love to participate but not sure of the rules...... I am graphic artist but I cannot draw..... I do all my work in a program called Corel Draw....... soooooooooooo not sure about the contest..........

I love that other picture TOOOOOOOOO yum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you get to feeling better!

Denise said...

Hey girl...... thanks for stopping by ...... and about the pool.. we are going to put a sun dome over ours in March we hope (tax return money) then put a heater in it.. We can heat the water once and then the sun dome keeps it at that temp just by the sun..... We will be able to swim 10 months out of the year! I LOVE the water.. and it is wonderful for good health!

Have a blessed weekend

Steph said...

That is a fabulous painting - look at the way the light falls on her! I've seen it for sale in Victorian Trading Company.