Monday, October 13, 2008


I can't believe I've been away for a week and haven't written anything.
I was very sick, as well as very busy!!!
So here I am for now, until I fly away.....I have a MILLION things to do today.
As usual. HA!!!
I WISH this were me right now.......Look at this little girl having "Tea" while tubing.....can you imagine??
I loved this photo.
What GREAT parents to remember all the "Tea Items" and such on a trip like this. I've never seen anything like it. HA!
It works for me though. HA!

I have been missing the "Pool group" and the WATER badly.

It's cooled off enough in South Louisiana that we aren't swimming any longer.
I really hate that. Blah!!
But I do like the cooler temps .....we've been in the upper 70's so that is better for me.

I have supper planned out and we are having some lovely "Trout"
that we were given a few weeks ago that I froze.
It's BEAUTIFUL looking so we have been looking forward to having it.

Right......well "Meatless Monday" went out RIGHT OUT the WINDOW for us during the hurricanes and I haven't been able to pull them back at least it's fish is all I say.

We eat less and less Red meat.
Which is fine with me especially after I priced some yesterday and it was a FORTUNE for a rump roast which we haven't had in forever.

How do people afford that???

Hang in there........the days ahead are going to get interesting and rough I believe.

So batten down the hatches now while you are able to and do what you can.

I've seen many blogs lately where people are writing on subjects like
"How to prepare for the Recession"
and "How to "Stretch a Dollar" and other such topics like that so I know people are thinking on the "SAME PAGE".....even though many of us really aren't feeling all of the effects of Wall Street and the other Financial Markets abroad.......yet.

However......... I think it's coming.

I'm guessing that all of this economic meltdown won't be a "Pretty Little Tea Party" either so have those now. :~)

And have some cake too.

Now I'm not saying......"Let them eat cake"......what I am saying is
"Let's EAT some cake.

Big difference.
And I think it's cheaper than Rump Roast too.
See ya!


Alice said...

Oh, I love that lady drinking tea in the picture. She looks so proper. I hope you'll be feeling well again soon. It is no fun being sick this time of year.

Sara said...

Can you believe food prices? Milk and really any dairy is crazy and's enough to make us vegetatrians except veggies are expensive too! I hope you get to feeling better.

Thru Pink Curtains said...

yes that is what i say too, veggies are so expensive too. so it is beans and rice i suppose. But unless you grow your own in the garden ......but even the seeds and water is expensive. so what does a person do....beg for a raise in pay and keep spending does that girl drink tea and tube at the same time!!! funny.

but there is a secret and that is eating very simple if you can do it. check out my salad....!!!!