Sunday, October 5, 2008

Last Sunday

Front of the THREE STORY "M & M's Store" in Times Square.

They had the BEST screen did so many other places there as well.

Miss Priss and Gabe after leaving church...walking back to our hotel and past the Letterman Theatre.

Ummm...Ice Tea.

Can you tell what this was all about??

Once arriving Saturday afternoon in NYC.....we had just pretty much stayed around the Times Square area. It was easy and interesting.....and only 15 blocks from our hotel. Ugh!!!

Saturday night we ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant just off of Time Square which is on Broadway. Ask me if your going and I will tell you the name so you too can go there.

After walking all around Times Square we then walked back to our hotel room on 57th and 8th Streets....ummmm, yes....15 blocks away again..... and proceeded to watch the "LSU/Mississppi State game.
Are we loyal fans or what????

"Times Square Church"

There were many reasons why we chose to take our trip to New York big reason was this church.
We have wanted to go there to visit for years......and that helped us to decided to go to NYC.

We like to go and check out other churches on vacation when we have the opportunity.
Times Square Church was founded by David Wilkerson who was an Evangelist worked with Youth and Street Gangs in New York in the 1950's and 1960's.

He wrote a book called "The Cross And The Switchblade" that tells the story of his journey ministering to the kids and how their lives were changed. The book was made into a movie in the early 70's.

David Wilkerson went on to start the highly successful, Christian based Drug/Alcohol rehabilitation program called "Teen Challenge."
Read More about Teen Challenge here...

Then years later...he started "Times Square Church" which is located smack in the middle of Times Square in a beautifully, old restored theater.
It's totally appropriate.
Check out this link about the history of the church.

We took a taxi and arrived early.....and good thing too.
Because once the service was about to was STANDING ROOM ONLY. People were standing in the aisles and in the balcony areas. I've never seen that before.
We were high up in the Mezzanine and could see all that was happening in the building pretty much.

This is a "InterDenominational" church and people of all colors, shapes, and nationalities were there. The rich and the homeless were sitting side by side.

NO ONE had any "BLING" on no blingy purses, or clothing or whatever.....which is odd when you come from the town of "bling" like I do.

I felt overdressed in fact.
I've only ever seen this happen in a church setting at one other church I've been to and that's the "International House Of Prayer" in Kansas City.
Interesting how that works.....but I LOVE it.

Before the service started I could feel an overwhelming "expectancy" for what was about to happen. And I was totally impacted by the simplicity of the church Leaders the formalities, and the Service....yet you are in this very massively, impressive building.

Sort of like what it will be like in heaven I am sure.

This church does not do what I call the "Bells and Whistles" count down video before the service to make you find your seat so they can start the service like you at the drive in or something....

Believe me....I've seen all kinds of things through the years. And though I am not against them......some of this is pretty cheesy.
I mean where has "respect" for the Sanctuary gone to??

This church was...."OLD SCHOOL"....but not boring or "LEGALISTIC." Which I can't take either....

There was a one hour Worship service to begin with and it was no show.
No one is displayed. The worship leader was on the piano....playing with the rest of the band.

Pastor Carter Conlon is the Pastor of the church......David Wilkerson is the founder and speaks from time to time...he speaks world wide and equips Pastors. He's getting up there in years and can't keep up the schedule he used to keep as a younger man.

Carter Conlon preached a wonderful message called "The Shepherds Song."
You can watch it on video or listen to it if you wish.

He like David Wilkerson is not an "eloquent" speaker.
They are simple men. They don't use visuals (I'm not against that when it's in balance) and they use SCRIPTURE when they preach....they don't use just three verses and tell a story.

These men are "Expositors"....they expose.

Honestly....I would move to New York JUST to go to this church.

You can't find many out there like this one anymore. This church still holds traditional values yet, they are still highly "Cutting Edge."
They work with the poor and the homeless and orphans, nationwide and WORLDWIDE....and they are NOT into the current trend of "church celebrityism."

Which I have personally lived through and I still am watching this "ism" continue to rise strong today in the church world yet in a more "down to earth/trendy" sort of way. It's still the same thing though.

It's just dressed different and speaks different now.....not as "religious" looking but believe's the same thing, it's the same spirit....just modernized.
And it saddens me.

So it was refreshing to be in a different setting where these things are not the "norm."

IF your interested in "World Missions" like I am......check out their site "Child Cry" in regards to the work they do overseas and at home.I guess you've just learned alot about who I am now....haven't you? :~)


Sara said...

What a great vacation! It sounds like you guys really had a great time. The church sounds so amazing. It's heartwarming to know there are churches like that out there and that so many people are attending. I'm glad you guys are back safe and sound!

Charlotte said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip. I would have liked to have gone to that church. I've always heard New York was an exciting place. We should have gone there when we were younger. I'm not up to that much walking now. Seems like I have walked all over the world though. Maybe that's how I wore out my knee.

Steph said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! Walking around in NYC is such an experience!