Friday, October 3, 2008

Home From New York!

"Home is where one starts from."
~T. S. Eliot~

We are now back "home" in the
"Armpit of the South" a good friend of mine used to say of this part of the world we live in.
It is a bit more than sweaty here you know.
The weather has turned a tad nicer since we've been gone though so that's good.

Miss Priss and I on 5th Ave.....drooooooling.

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home...."

I keep saying that.....and clicking my Ruby Travel Slippers...which were really not slippers at all but instead were these babies.....
"Fitflops" don't leave home without them.
Ladies can I warn you.....DO NOT travel to New York in anything less than the most comfortable shoes you own! If you don't own some before you go. Trust me. Thank GOD I was prepared.

Anyhow this place I've called "home" that I've come back to....well, it feels familiar....but somehow it's messier than I remember. Ugh!!!
I am contending with left over hurricane stuff....blah.....forgot about that for five days which was nice.

putting away the suitcases, washing dirty clothes....sorting piles of pamphlets. Why do people always pick up so many of these things????
My husband is FAMOUS for that. HA!

It's overwhelming to be back because you feel like you took MONTHS to plan a trip and it's over in five minutes.
I hate that.

Our trip was great.....we were able to see SO much more than I had even planned.

New York City reminded me of London.... London of course is so much older though and even more historical.
Both are busy cities with fabulous Theatre Districts and lots of people everywhere and great shops and sights. Yet they are entirely different.

Busy Times Square Corner

Mounted NYPD officers in Times Square

We LOVED New York!!! It's crazy fun there.

We were able to see TWO Broadway Shows which was great because I had only planned on one. :~)

New York is so historical (which I love) and it has so much to do there...there is NO place on earth like that city.
However......make sure you take a bucket full of money along with you. HA!
I think we did pretty well in our planning for this trip....we didn't veer off too badly at all. Thankfully!

I have many "Tips" for any of you first time travelers to that I am a huge "Expert and Authority" on traveling there now.....HA!

Empire State Bldg.

I will post more photos and write more about this all in the next few days as I am able.

For now I have got to get caught up here at home and get "Back into the SWING" of life here.....which is a much slower pace (in some ways).....and hotter, but with a million more cars and less people walking on the sidewalks.

Next trip....I think I want to go to MAYBERRY!!! HA!

Actually though...I think I want to MOVE there.
I've been threatening my family with this thought ever since the hurricanes.
I'm going to be checking those places out....believe me.

See you soon......


Anonymous said...

I love your NY photos though I can't imagine living in a city that big. I have always thought that New York would be a great place to be rich and a terrible place to be poor.

Although Melbourne is a big city of several million people, I have to ask if you found out what part the folks you met came from. Wouldn't it be funny if I did know them?


Julie said...

Hi, Joyce,

Welcome home. I know exactly what you mean about coming home after a trip and finding your home messy and cluttered. And it takes a week to recoup after being gone a week.

My gosh, that was a quick trip. The last time I read your blog, it was "New York here we come", and now you are back home already!

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I should have told you to go to Trump Towers and visit the huge Nike store. You were right around the corner near Tiffany's. That is where my son is, but he may have left for Atlanta already for a month to train for a new store opening. I am so glad you enjoyed your trip. I have been 4 times and I love it and have picked out a place to live. Welcome home, Pat

Joyce said...

We did go to Trump Towers and to the Nike was HUGE! And we went to the three story tall Disney store and to the NBA store and the three story M & M store and the MTV store and the CBS store....ugh....never mind.
Let's just say.....we went to a LOT of stores, and sights! HA!HA!