Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday at Bravo's

Last Tuesday, "The Pool Group" met for lunch at a new wonderful Italian restaurant here in Baton Rouge, called "Bravo's."Sarah, Ms. Sandi, Ann

The atmosphere inside the dining the building was FABULOUS......we were all very impressed with that AND the food. It was soooo good and very reasonable. Maybe because we were eating at lunch time. Rates may be higher at night.

Phyllis, and Irma

Ms. Phyllis is always so funny!

Joan, Norma, and me.

When I first arrived......the ladies didn't recognize me because my hair was fixed up! HA!

I joked that "it was hard to recognize people because we didn't have bathing suits on.....we had REAL clothes on!"Scary. HA!

I miss swiming with my friends three times a week......but we are all going to Ms. Sandi's for a "Cookie Exchange" the first of December.....right.

"Packing on pounds, like bears for hibernation" so we can exercise it all off in the Spring! HA!!!
Oh well.


The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, ya'll look great. Oh you make me miss the Big Easy, but "ain't gone back no more"! Well only for shopping-lol. Now how is this weather---wish it could stay like this for a little longer. Love and Hugs, Pat

Joyce said...

I wish our weather would stay this way forever......except then we couldn't swim in our pools. UGH!
Always something. Maybe we could heat them. HA!