Monday, November 24, 2008

"If it weren't for the British"........

I just saw this travel ad this morning for Virgin Airline.....and it cracked me up and caused me to think too.

Ever witty person that I am.

It said something like this.........

~~~"If it weren't for the wouldn't have Thanksgiving,.....go over in person and thank them."~~~

I mean is that ad CRAZY or what?? Could you just imagine doing that to some random British person on the streets of London?

Maybe we could get an appointment with Englands new Prime Minister "Gordan Brown" then and shake his hand while proceeding to say something like this:
"Thank you so much for persucuting the Pilgrims so that they would leave England and go to America and colonize it thus making it not only the great country that it is, but also my home."

I know he would reply back to me though........
"Lady are you nuts? I am from Scotland....what do you think happend there? Haven't you see Braveheart yet?", I don't think I will follow the ad's advice and show up in England and "Thank the Brits personally for our Thanksgiving holiday."

But when and if I go again, I mean I am planning in my head on going back.
I could thank the great British people then for several things other than the Pilgrim issue which was very cheesy and a bit CHEEKY ideal.

That was some BAD adverstising I would say on behalf of Virgin.

I flew Virgin once from Brussels to Belfast.

The flight went well....they served us an odd bagel with cream cheese and lox.
Like we were from New York City or something.
Not very British food at all I was thinking. And NO Hot Tea was anywhere to be found on the flight. Weird.
Oh and the seat I was sitting in was broken.
So I moved in flight to another seat. Other than those three was okay, I mean we arrived in Belfast alright and all.
But that is my Virgin Atlantic experience.
I would consider flying them again though.....if the price was right. And the seat was fixed.

I have to say though...."Sir Richard Branson......what in the world were you thinking of by suggesting we American's do this rude act?"

if I do go over to thank the Brits for would be for such things as these like:

Princess Diana who we all loved.and for her very cute and sometimes naughty, sons.

For beautiful and quaint English these that Rick Steves visits on PBS. I love that guy. His "England in Christmas" show makes me cry.
Silly me.

I'd thank them for Maggie Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Tony Blair, C.S. Lewis, Jane Austin, William Wordsworth, Charles Dickens....oh let's not forget Beatrix Potter and A.A. Milne, The London Symphony Orchastra, Paul McCartney....ummm......and a host of other famous and fabulous British people that I appreciate but can't seem to think of right now.

I would like to say "thank you for building some of the world's best buildings that are very old and wonderful"..........

I would thank the British for their very cool accents.....but sorry I have to rank the Scots and Irish number #1 and #2 in my book in that order....Brits are #3.

Oh my gosh! Let's not forget to say THANK YOU England for "Fish and Chips!"
Love me some Fish and Chips....especially with Malt Vinegar on them. YUM!!!

And lastly I would absoulty say "Thank you so much for TEA TIME!!!"

I might try British Airways when I go back to England one day....I flew them from Belfast to London. Good flight, no problems.... short flight.

They have very nice advertising....regal, stiff upper lip and all....AND they used to serve "PRAWNS" in First Class. I don't usually fly First Class but just could have prawns. Great word for our normal sounding....."Shrimp."

I check their travel ads and they are quite "non cheeky" and they don't suggest that we "Americans thank the British for our Thanksgiving."....hummm.

So this was my "short list" of things to "Thank the British for."
I could go on and on about the Brits you know.
I JUST love them.
I wonder why?

To all my British friends....."Cheers."


The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I had to chuckle at this one. Sir Richard Branson used to be my son's employer when he worked for Virgin in Times Square and they wouldn't give him a raise, so he left for a higher paying job with Nike plus a promotion. Don't you know Virgin offered him a raise, but no promotion, so he is now happy he took the risk. Wish you could have met him there. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving. Luv Ya, Pat

Teresa of Southern Touch Catering said...

I'd like to add my thank you to the list. Thanks for taking in Madonna- will you please keep her! LOVED this one. Thanks

Steph said...

What a great thought! Thank you for sharing! :-)

Denise said...

Don't forget the Bisto baby! Bisto gravy mix is the bomb! I lived three blocks from a fish and chip shop for 3 YEARS !!!! OMG I am thankful that I was a very young woman then and if I were there today I would weigh a TON !!!! I loved living in England and loved the people.. and you list was missing a few things , so let me add... English sausage the best ever in the world, Custard pies that are unequaled in any mans language.. Yorkshire pudding and Christmas pudding... one is sweet and set on fire and the other is tastie with bisto gravy overflowing! Leg of Lamb with mint sauce and roasted potatoes ! NOW There is a list.....

Have a Happy Thanksgiving ...

Joyce said...

When we were in Time Square this Fall my kids didn't even want to go in the Virgin store. I asked them. But we used to have one in New Orleans in the French Quarter so it was like...."no big deal" and my son has been to many of them in London and Ireland.
However we DID go into the 5 story Nike Store.....I wish I'd known your son was there. I too wish could have said a "Louisiana Hello" to him!
I hope they are staying busy up there. I wonder what will happen to these retail stores AFTER Christmas is over.
See ya!

Valentine Hearts said...

We love you lot too! x

Anonymous said...

ok, we get it... you LOOOOVE UK and Ireland!!!

Joyce said...

Iwonna,'ve known me now how many years? HA!
I like Poland too. I just haven't been there. Gabe went to your home town and loved it.
One day maybe you can take me along.