Friday, November 21, 2008

Scheduling Nightmare

My life seems to be a huge "scheduling nightmare" right now.......and we aren't even into DECEMBER yet. Ugh.

What in the world.....???

I was pretty proud of myself. I was keeping things pretty organized.

Appointments for Miss Priss, myself and the rest of the crew here......things like dentist appointments, Dr. appointments, work, hair appointments, a court date, babies being born, work, friends with needs, work, sick people....ummm....Thanksgiving is next week isn't it?

Presents to wrap, packages to mail......
I was on top of it then...... it's like things SPUN out of place and BLEW UP.

I'm burning out already. Blah!

Or should I say......."bah humbug?"

Nah....let's not go there yet. I have to stay calm....and healthy and happy.

Company is coming in on Monday of next week.

But really I'd rather be doing this right about now.

Or this.....

How about you?


Sonja said...

I am with you on the "jumping in the ocean" picture!!! It's getting busy here too!
Hang in there and have a Happy Thanksgiving from the Howell family to yours!!!!


Anonymous said...

I use Google Calendar to schedule lives of our family members... :-)
...when are you guys coming?