Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanksgiving and Winter. Both on their way.....

I love this print.

"In winter I get up at night
And dress by yellow candle-light.
In summer quite the other way,
I have to go to bed by day."

First verse from the poem "In Summer" published in
"A Child's Garden of Verses" by "Robert Louis Stevenson."

With illustrations by Jessie Willcox Smith

Can't you just tell winter is bearing down on us?
For my friends up North.......that statement is a no brainer. Especially those that have sent me photos or posted them on their blogsites of SNOW.....brrrr.

However where I still is a bit warm and we still have our air conditioners running on certain days.

But even here in South gets dark early.
Winter is approaching.

Miss Priss is in such a hurry to decorate for Christmas.
I on the other hand....cannot do massive "Christmas decorating" it when it's hot.
I'm not "against" the early decorating.....I just can't get into it.

So I make her wait until the day AFTER Thanksgiving.
Am I a mean Mother????

Yes, it's dark earlier outside clearly signaling the oblivious fact that Christmas is coming........but sorry Miss Priss...we are waiting just a tad bit longer.

I feel strongly that my family "celebrate" Thanksgiving....because I don't want them to rush that special day away.....I want them to be "Thankful."

I want all of us to "embrace the Pilgrims" and their struggles as they came to this land.

I want them to think about "Indians and how they taught the Pilgrims to plant corn. And to pray a blessing at our dinner table and say alout "three things they are Thankful for" being 'their Mom and Dad and Brothers and Sister' of course."

All before eating Cranberry sauce (the chunky kind) and feasting on that funky "Green Bean Casserole" we must have every year at Thanksgiving because it is now just as traditional American of a dish as what the Pilgrims and Indians ate at the first Feast.

Before the fist slice of Pumpkin pie, and possibly two other types of pies, with fake "Cool Whip" on the Pecan pie thank you very much.

Before watching some very good and some very bad "College Football" games.

And finally before we are all off for some major "napping."

All very "Americany things to accommodate into our day" as we do "Thanksgiving."

I must confess....I AM sitting here looking at a "new" Christmas Tree in our office just "waiting" for 12:01am November 28th.....

It's now very late...wee hours of the morning. I'm off to bed.
Not by "candle lite" though.....we are thoroughly modern people now days.

I use a small high powered "flashlight."
I don't want to wake the husband you know.

Poor thing....he gets up in the dark.
While I am still fast asleep. :~)


Teresa of Southern Touch Catering said...

What a beautifully illustrated site today. Lovely pictures, beautiful sentiment. I hope your little Miss Priss can wait with you so she can be thankful for such a good mom.

Denise said...

You make me want to slow down with the Christmas tree...... but alas I cannot......... We will not celebrate Thanksgiving here at my house so UP goes the tree next weekend......... I need something to get my Christmas mojo going!

Love the pics girl friend,,,,, love the pics!

KJ said...

What a delightful little post! I'm with you on the early decorating thing. I can't start decorating until Thanksgiving has had it's moment to shine. I even resent the Christmas decorations coming out earlier each year. Of course, with our economy, retailers are grabbing every opportunity that they can.

I enjoyed your vintage graphics and I have always love the The Garden of Verses. I have a newer copy now, but I poured over my old one as a child. I believe it sparked my love for poetry.

Thanks for your prayers about the fires. They are working their way west which is toward us. However, we sit on a hill that is not tucked into the brush. We are surrounded by woody hills though.

We are moving at the end of the month to a home in the same city. Better neighborhood, wood floors, a fireplace, and rent frozen for 4 years. Yes siree! Pray that I will like to pack...


The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I am like a little child when it comes to Christmas and I can't wait, but of course we are not home for Thanksgiving and it takes me forever now to decorate. My dining table stays with the Autumn things.
Your post is beautiful and inspiring---makes me feel guilty about having my kitchen decorated already. Luv Ya, Pat

Steph said...

Yes, wonderful prints. I just love the first one!

Alice said...

I agree completely. I want to celebrate Thanksgiving before starting on Christmas. I don't even allow myself to listen to my Christmas CDs until the Saturday after Thanksgiving.