Monday, November 17, 2008

Miss Priss

My baby girl has grown up.
Where do I go to protest?


"Miss Priss and Italian Boy"Heading to Homecoming.

Miss Priss and Italian Boy on her birthday.Going out to eat for a birthday dinner.

A couple of exciting things have happened in regard to "Miss Priss" in the last two weeks.

First of all
......she just hit a "Landmark Birthday."
Which her Daddy and I celebrated early with her by taking her to New York for her special birthday and our anniversary.

"Miss Priss" on Statue Island...New York Harbor and Manhattan in the background.....

"Miss Priss on Statue Island...." Who is that big lady in the background?
Next, this past weekend was her High School's "Homecoming" she was able to wear her new dress we purchased for her at "Macy's" Department store in New York just for that occasion.
"Miss Priss in Times Square"

I will finish telling you the story that I started to tell you all awhile back about the dress in this post too.

As many of you remember....this Spring......Miss Priss and Italian Boy were on their way to their Prom and were hit on the Interstate by a drunk driver.
Long story.....that gets fact....we go BACK to court this Wednesday on behalf of the City for the SECOND time regarding the driver of the car that hit them.

"Miss Priss and Italian Boy"

So we've had a rough Spring AND SUMMER with both of these kids (and myself) going to physical therapy and chiropractors and still having pain that possibly might not ever go away. That they didn't have before the accident.

Even now Miss Priss still hurts in the parts of the body she had problems with due to that accident.
Not fun. Not fair.
But at least they are alive.

I too was hit from behind by a driver (not drunk) just 8 days after the kids accident. It's just nearly been too much to deal with....
We won't go there right now.

So we have been praying this weekend would be a FUN "memory" for Miss Priss and Italian Boy.
And I think it was.....
There were NO incidents or accidents.
Thank GOD!!!

"Miss Priss opening Birthday Prezies"

While we were in New York......Miss Priss and I had the opportunity to be by ourselves and shop. We went to Macy's and decided to look for a "Homecoming" dress for Miss Priss.
We finally found one she liked after trying on a million dresses.

The dress was tagged $79.99...which I thought was fair....considering what we were getting and have paid in the past for these sort of dresses.

However when we checked out....we had several things to buy and the total was much lower than we expected. We knew we had a few discounts coming....but it shouldn't have been that cheap.
"Miss Priss and her special dress"

We checked the receipt later and saw that for where the dress was it said......."Regular price.....$79.99....todays price....$*****"....apparently it was on sale and we didn't know it...and then there was a discounted price because of discounts we had....and the GRAND total amount for the dress was then finally......."15.35!!!"
Trust me.....I just pulled out my paid off Macy's bill so I could get the figures correct because we couldn't even believe the dress came out to be soooo discounted.
Is that crazy??? We were soooo blessed!

"Miss Priss after we saw Mary Poppins"
Check out that Macy's bag with her dress in it. HA!
Whooops.....I don't know how to spin this so turn your heads!

"Check out the BARGAIN dress"

Homecoming went off without a hitch.
We are thankful.

Now if we can just get through the rest of life as easily. :~)


Valentine Hearts said...

Your daughter looks beautiful!!!

Sending hugs to you all xx

Steph said...

Beautiful people and congratulations on the milestone birthday! I'm sending healing thoughts for the pains!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the Angel's Dream!

Teresa of Southern Touch Catering said...

Well Miss Priss doesn't seem to fit- Miss Beauty would be a better term. Enjoy as much of her as she allows. My three Miss Prisses have all flown the coop- it seems only yesterday when we were shopping for proms! Still praying regarding the fires.

Denise said...

Beautiful pictures of Miss Priss.. and LIFE...... well..... some days Chicken and so Days Feathers but all days a gift from God.......... I am thankful that the homecoming went without incident...........

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, thank God the prom was successful and without accidents. Miss Priss is beautiful and Macy's in NYC has great bargains after Thanksgiving---wish I were going--sob, sob!
Prayers that you all heal soon. The soup sounded great. Love and Hugs, Pat

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! I see a certain resemblance to her Mother! I am sorry Miss Priss and Italian Boy are still suffering from the accident. I pray that they will fully recover.