Friday, December 5, 2008

Heavenly Harps

Tonight I attended a wonderful Christmas concert.

Not one....but TWO "Harpist" and it was "Heavenly" sounding, believe me.

I asked my pool friend Norma if she would like to come with me and she asked if her sister Charlotte could come and I said "Of course!"
"The more the merrier" I always say.

Bethany World Prayer Center here in Baton Rouge hosted this very well attended event.

The featured Harpist was Claire Jones.....who is from....hummm....where do you think????
Gotcha. I know what you were thinking.
But...Wales is close enough in my book you know. :~)

PLUS......she IS the "Official harpist to Prince Charles." When I read that bit in the article for the concert in last Sunday's Baton Rouge paper,
I planned on going then because I knew it would be fabulous.
Okay...."You had me at "Prince Charles." HA!

Claire Jones is a very gifted and talented Harpist AND a beautiful young lady to boot.
Everyone was extremely impressed after she had played several pieces both with the other Harpist Melissa Stockstill, and by herself.

We were all awed when Miss Jones left the stage while Melissa performed a solo on her harp and then afterwards reappeared when she had finished....however now Claire was wearing another beautiful gown.

This gown was Red Satin with gold pleats on either side of it which had the emblem of "Wales" in it. It was so touching to know she was wearing that dress in honor of her "homeland" and in honor of her "position."

Miss Jones spoke about her official role as "Harpist to His Royal Highness" and what her duties have been for the 18 months thus far.
All very very interesting.

Our own local talent, Melissa Stockstill was the other Harpist tonight. Playing both with Miss Jones and by herself. She too is very accomplished in this art of Harp playing. And another VERY beautiful young lady.

These two girls met while attending the Royal Academy of Music in London and have become best friends.

Also BOTH girls just played for "Prince Charles's 60th Birtday Celebration" a few weeks ago.
He requested that "60 Harpist play" for this event which was entrusted to Miss Jones to arrange...finding "59 OTHER harpist" that join her in a special "Birthday arrangement" she had worked on for nearly year just to honor him for this landmark day.
60 Harpist all performing at once....that's a bit over the top don't you agree?

It was so encouraging to see two young women following their dreams and to accomplish them.
They were like two radiant "Princess's"
I thought to myself while watching them perform on the stage.

I know Melissa's parents Pastor's Larry and Melanie Stockstill, The Senior Pastors of Bethany World Prayer Center are very proud of her.
Along with her FIVE brothers.
Oh yes, I'm sure she is a "Princess" indeed.
I only know because I have one as well. HA!

I must say.....this was a great way to spend a chilly Friday night in December in Baton Rouge.

Listening to TWO Heavenly Harps with friends.


Denise said...

Oh what a night that must have been ,, what an opportunity to see these gals........... Oh what life is out there.............

Hey girl, I am in need of your snail mail if you do not mind to send it to me............ I am getting all my Christmas cards out Monday and I find I have no idea of your address!


The Rose Room said...

Dear Joyce

Heartfelt thanks for the lovely kind words of support and sympathy during my step-father's illness and passing.

It is of so much comfort to know there are 'friends' all over the world who care.


Anonymous said...

I can hear the music now.....