Monday, December 1, 2008

A "Hello" from our friend Peter......

Today I received a nice "Hello" e-mail from our good friend Peter.

Peter Rabbit that is.
He's been a dear friend of mine and Miss Priss's for many years.
We LOVE "naughty rabbits".....and other such clothes wearing, talking and human acting little animals.
Peter has a new "Advent Calendar" on his website. Even rabbits are techy now days.
I downloaded the calendar and it's sooo cute and fun that I thought you might like to do it too. I really think he did a fine job on it. The animation is great.

Miss Priss and I love all the Tales of Peter Rabbit and his friends.

Years ago when Miss Priss was a little girl......we came across one of our MOST favorite Christmas stories.
"The Tailor of Glocester"

We watch it every Christmas......several times too actually.
We just watched it Saturday night for the first time this Christmas season.

Guess what I found on "YouTube" tonight, quite accidentally but to my great joy.....
Now you all can take a tiny peek at what "The Tailor of Glocester" is about.

If you love it.....and want to view more you can watch all of it by finding the other 4 videos on YouTube. That will complete the entire cartoon video.

Amazing stuff that YouTube.
Isn't it?

I have a friend that lives in the "Cumbria" area.

You know when and if I make it over there.....I am SURE going to visit her while I'm in the
"Lake District"
touring all the fine Beatrix Potter sites that are there.

I have so much to do in life yet.
I'm way behind it seems.

And I just remembered that we would HAVE to see our family friend "Rache" that we have known since she was 14 years old. She's in Essex now....and soon to become a Mother herself.
Amazing how time flies.
Rache used to LOVE "The Tailor of Glocester" too and watch it with us when she would come for Christmas visits to our home.....back in the day.
Well....we will figure it all out when the time comes. :~)


Sonja said...

Great entry Joyce...I love it! You have such a unique style of expression.
I hope you are enjoying some of this chilly weather! I am...ofcourse for me living in the mountains right now would be ideal!
I will check out the rest of the's a cute story.

Take care


Southern Touch Catering said...

Hi Joyce,
My favorite book to read my granddaughter is Peter Rabbit. My mother in law gave it to her when she was born and it is a beautiful copy. It takes me back to my own childhood. What a pleasant blog for me this week. Thank you.

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, what a wonderful post. I also have an email friend who lives in Essex, she is originally from the US and married a Brit.
Will have to look at the you tube later---still decorating trees. Guess I'll be finished by the 15th, then leave it up until King's Day. I am loving our weather and praying for a little snow this year, especially on Christmas. Luv Ya, Pat

Denise said...

Hahahha love coming here as I never know what I will find...... You have a great style of writing and it keeps your readers spelbound........ even when we are not Peter Rabbit fans! Oh no, did I say that!

Valentine Hearts said...

This is sooo spooky!!! I used to love in Gloucester. The other day I was reading our local newspaper and in Gloucester they have a Beatrix Potter shop. I didn't know it existed and thought I may go over and have a look at it looks so cute. How weird is that?!


IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, I am crazy about Peter Rabbit! I have many books & videos about him.
When you can will you please stop my blog? Thanks!
Hope you have a lovely day....
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Ms.Daisy said...

I, too, am a fan of Beatrix Potter and her books. I read her autobiography recently and she had very strict and demanding parents so this might have been a way for her to cope with things! Who knows? Anyway, now she is beloved throughout the world!
Enjoy your posts...


Julie said...

I always associate Peter with Easter. Hmmm... I may have to re-think this.

Congratulations on winning Mary's Christmas banner. I won her Easter banner last year. Isn't she wonderful? I bought a pre-made Christmas banner from her and ordered a few more. She is swamped - good for her - so I can wait for the others.