Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CUTE, cute, cute!

(One of Susie's signs she custom makes.)

One of the "Local Girls" in my area, who I've become good blog friends with is having a "CUTE, Custom, Homemade, Handmade, Sign Giveaway."

Check out Suzie's blogsite and put your name in for her free give away.

She's name her site fittingly for a South Louisiana girl.

It's called.....
Which all of us living down here know translates into......"Welcome" in French.

Many towns in Southern Louisiana have big signs when you enter the city that say "Bienvenue" on them.....thus giving you a big ol' WELCOME in French into their city!

We lived in an area here in Louisiana for many years that did that as well.
And one other area near us also had all their city "Stop" signs and other city signs in French too.
That's one sure way to learn a bit of the language that so many of the people speak here.

I just ordered a smaller "M" sign to put in our house!
(Susie's small initial signs)
I can't wait to get it from her!


Susie Harris said...

Joyce... you are just too sweet for words. Kinda like that king cake on your last post. I want one of those so bad but Im trying to not spend my kids school fund and gain those unwanted pounds before Blissdom,ugh. Anyway, thank you for the shout out~

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, not sure if you noticed when you came to town, but in the Historic District, they have beautiful signs now for the streets. I found a book about the Bienvineu family in Lafayette and it's really interesting. Love and Hugs, Pat

Joyce said...

I did see the street signs there AND I saw those big huge "Initial" yard flags.......I loved them.
IF we weren't in town for my friends funeral I would have gone shopping to find one of those things.
But it was the appropriate time to do that.
I will have to check on that book.