Friday, January 23, 2009

Tis' A FINE Friday........

71 degrees outside far.
(My Rosemary Topiary Wreath isn't looking too good is it? Blah!)

I went out and sat on the patio and soaked in some of the fresh air and sunshine.
There is NO humidity today.
Absoluty a fine day.

I'm going to have to work on that Rosemary.

I was able to get my panises planted last night.....yes, I was working in the dark!

Because I was out way to late while enjoying my day visiting at lunch with the
"Pool Ladies" and then I was off to the library to pick up some good, new books to read.

Then to top it all off I went to pick up some more of my favorite "Lady Londonderry" tea that I just ran out of, from my good friend Marsha.
So of course I had to stay and "visit and sip some tea with her."

SO I didn't get home until dark......

And the pansies just couldn't wait any longer so I had to plant them.
With the help of our "outside" yard lights of course.

All went well and now they are now currently "adjusting" to their new home.


Sara said...

Once again I find myself jealous of your fine weather! I think the high was 42 today and then in just kept on dropping.... I love fresh rosemary! I put it in almost every recipe and taught the kids everything is better with rosemary and garlic.

Carol Umberger said...
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Carol Umberger said...

Somehow I managed to get my password printed in my comment a minute ago, so let me try again. What a lovely garden spot you've created--it is especially appealing since the wind chill is minus 2 tonight. Let me know if you enjoy the book.

Carol Umberger

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I so love pansies, but never had any luck with them. Love the flag.
Please stop by and pick up an award that I recieved and passing on to you and 2 others. Love and Hugs, Pat

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

Hi Joyce,
Your little garden will be the envy of us all soon. The weather has be unusually cold here is GA this year- in the teens at night for a week or more (whatd'ya say about that Al Gore?)Still, my daffodils are starting to bloom and my blue bells are peaking up from the ground already! I can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive as I am an avid gardener too. I'll just bide the time prepping my beds.
PS-Thanks for your sweet concerns about mom.

Susie Harris said...

Loving this weather... too bad I stayed in all day. Just not use to satying up all night. Im still up and past the tired mode, ugh. I need some sleep but the kids are on the road... Sadie Hawkins..two weekends in a row~

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by...What part of South Loisiana. nice to meet you...Your garden beatiful...Have a wonderful day..katherinellen

Denise said...

I so love Rosemary and have some planted in my garden in the front of the house..... I pulled some off yesterday and rubbed it between my fingers and it smelled soooooo good.... We have had beautiful weather but today is freezing rain and sleet! YUCK !