Friday, January 30, 2009


My Sisters in Iowa.

"Janna the youngest, Jerri in the middle with the cheesecake, Jenny in the back and me..the oldest...but cutest. HA!
YES....we all have "J" names. Funny huh?

I wish I had a piece of that cheesecake right now.

Oh the joys and sorrows of "Family STRESS!"
Especially when you are 1000 miles from home. Literally.
We try to stay happy and positive though...even in the midst of it all.

Yesterday my sister Jerri was put into the hospital in Omaha Ne. at the same time my Step Father was having his epidural.
She has "pre-eclampsia" a serious complication in her pregnancy. She is at 29 weeks and the baby is probably about 2 pounds now. It's a little boy.

His name will be "Aaron."

Her blood pressure is SKY HIGH.

Jerri called me a moment ago and I just got off the phone wih her. It's 10:45am her time and our time Friday they still can't get it "under control."

Her Doctor's have told her to "prepare" for the baby to have to be delivered as early as TODAY and if not, it will be tomorrow.

My sister has had Rheumatoid Arthritis, since she was 15 years old. They told her that this IS an issue in all of this.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis as well but just was diagnosed 3 years ago.

We are very concerned for her and are asking everyone to pray for little Aaron and my sister at this time. I know that the King of the earth will do what is right.

I can't leave to go home yet. I have tried flights all morning. They are currently $300.00 one way. I will continue to watch them. I also have to have the drug study infusion on Monday. Then I could leave after that.

My Step Father DID NOT have all the "surgery procedures" done on his heart yesterday.
Long story of course but....HE DID however have the epidural to ease the pain he has been suffering in his hips.

That was an issue....because the "heart people" were concerned about him being in so much pain when they took him in for surgery.

TODAY the Heart Dr. will do one of the procedures to set the path to do the repair/stint in the bigger "aneurysm on his main Aortic vein."
That will be done next week...

When my sister called me her cell phone was about to die so she asked me to call her back.
When she answered the phone she said...."Mel's Tavern"....ugh!!!
I said to her "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!"

She said......."Well we have to keep our humor".....which we are famous for, all of my sisters and I.
To which I responded..."I think your right!"

I have to tell you though. I have a huge headache right now.
And I HATE waiting....I am not one to wait well.
Yet I have no choice but to continue to "wait" until something works out for me to get up there.


Rebecca said...

PROMISE! Lifting up your sister and her precious baby boy to the Lord right this second!

GOD WILL make a way when there seems to be no way....

Love to you and your family!


The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I have been praying for Jerri and Little Aaron since I got your email. Please keep us informed. My friends' grandson is doing well and he weighed 2lbs4ozs and is now 2lbs 12 ozs, so put it in our Lord's hands. Prayers headed their way and to you. Luv Ya, Pat

Susie from Bienvenue said...

What cute sisters you have! I hope your little sister is doing better and the baby is fine. Im sure you will give me the update in your email...Im off to check that now... Im still praying for ya sister~

Rebecca said...

Joyce...I'm sorry but I don't know how to contact you back so I'll just make another Post...

Just want you to know I appreciate your kind, timely words AND to tell you...

I'm still praying!

Hugs, Rebecca

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

I've been off your site for a few days and hate having read the news on your family. I guess we will swap prayers for family this week. I promise to lift up your step dad, Jerri and Aaron and for a ticket home. God is still in the miracle business even for your plane ticket. Blessings- keep us informed.