Sunday, February 1, 2009

"We have us a baby......"

This is an update....things are "ever changing it seems at the moment" but I wanted you all to know this much thus far.

Baby "Aaron Jackson" is here...YEAH!
He was only "29 weeks old gestationally" so his arrival was WAAAAY early for us all. Especially his parents and my family.

Talk about "un-prepared." I think they will have to get a nice "shoebox" for him to sleep in. But then again....he will probably be in the "NICU" at the hosptial for about THREE months they told my family.

I think they are going to call him "Jack"....I think we will call him "Aaron." HA! I guess I have to wait until I see him and determine whether Auntie Joyce should call him a "Jack" or an "Aaron." HA!

He weighed 2lb 3oz...and is tiny, tiny. Jenny said his little head is smaller than her fist.

I will post photos of him as soon as they get them to me which is supposed to be sometime today..

When my sister Jenny called me yesterday to let me know the birth was over, she said this when I answered the phone:
"Houston, we have us a baby!"
I was going to remind her I was in Baton Rouge...but resisted the urge due to the excitement of the moment.

I felt like a million pounds had been lifted off of me hearing that news.

Aaron was breathing on his own when he was born and he is not on a "vent" at all....they are giving him a "puff of oxygen" so that his little body isn't so stressed out breathing and they did give him a blood transfusion.
The Dr.'s told my Mother and Jenny that "It's the BEST they could have hoped for."
We don't know anything else at this time about his future or any complications so we are believing that "all is well."

My sister Jerri his Mama, wasn't doing so good last night when I talked to her. The "pre-eclampisa" had affected her liver and heart and kidney's to some degree.

Today though she seems to be "failing" somewhat and we aren't sure what is happening and she can't talk to tell us. Her lungs have fluid in them and something about her heart enzymes??'s always something isn't it?
As soon as my sister and Mother can pull away from the Nursing Home they will run from our town in Iowa over to Nebraska to see what is going on. They just have to get my Step Father somewhat settled.

He was placed into a Nursing Home BY the hospital where he was at yesterday DURING my sister Jerri's add in a bit more craziness for those people I love back home.

I just want to say...."Thank GOD" little Aaron is here and so far so good on his health, we are still trusting for my sister to recover just fine.

And I am so THANKFUL to you all for all of your prayers.
I appreciate you ALL.....even those who I didn't even know where there in cyber land who have contacted me, and those who I do know who have contacted me either via this blog or by e-mail or by phone.

I am so grateful!!


Ms.Daisy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of little "Aaron Jackson" to you and all your family! That is just so exciting whenever a new life enters our lives! I am very happy for you and I pray that your sister will have a full recovery. I have been praying for your stepfather and I am glad he is settled into a nursing home for the moment. Take a deep breath Joyce,and know we are out here praying for you.

Love and Hugs,

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

GOD IS GREAT!- Will continue to pray for your sister.

Steph said...

Oh, I am sending good thoughts for the family and the baby and you! I love your header, too.

Valentine Hearts said...

Been thinking of you all today...especially as I had an OSCE practice session (our high risk emergency skill drills)I have three months to get competent in these as I have huge exams coming up. I had an eclamptic fit scenario today....and luckily didn't do too badly...I need to learn a lot more yet though.

I've been thinking of you all since you emailed. Hope things have gone ok for you today and that you are feeling ok?

Much love Jackie x

Bernideen said...

Congrats! Wow - joys and challenges at the same time -

Denise said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I will pray for Aaron............ We will continue to pray..........

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, Congratulations to all. Can't wait to see pics of Little Aaron. All will be well with all the prayers that have come forth. Glad to hear your step-dad is doing okay. Will keep praying for Jenni and baby. Love and Hugs, Pat