Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Warm Thoughts and the "Soup de Jour".......

It's cold here.
Not deathly cold like where many of you live....but here in Louisiana....when it's cold it's a "bone chilling" cold because we are so damp down this way.

I'm having some tea....(and eating a piece of fudge, don't TELL!)...
And I'm thinking "warm thoughts" about many of you.

Last week was rough and emotional week.....and we had a very busy weekend as well.

Due to my friend's death we needed to travel to her home town of "Crowley, Louisiana" for her funeral some two hours away.
We were so glad we were able to be there.

While we were down and over that way......we traveled from "Crowley" to the little town where we used to live for several years in the heart of "Cajun Country" called "Abbeville"...population 11 thousand.

Can you just imagine? HA!
Baton Rouge is about 800 thousand people and nutty and not Cajun at all....even though every town in Louisiana likes to claim that for tourism reasons.

This area where we lived for 7 years....IS the "real deal".....believe me. And it's "45 minutes from the end of the earth" as I always used to say.
Namely...the town of Abbeville is 45 minutes from the very bottom of the United States coastline.....via Louisisana.

While in our former town, my husband and I ate some of the BEST seafood in the entire state of Louisiana. It's always FUN to visit the "old haunts" when you go into an area where you lived before.

The next day Saturday...we visited with many old friends...then went on to "Cow Island" which is near Kaplan La. to stay with a little family that used to go to our church.

My husband went goose hunting with that husband and their oldest son while I stayed behind and hung out and chatted with the wife.

It was so good to see old friends.

We love people.

Recently we have been "re-connecting" with many old and dear friends....and it has been a BLAST.

I have loved it and it's always so good to hear and to SEE people you love and miss.

Today I went to lunch with two dear friends......last week I met two friends one I haven't seen in FOREVER....I mean years...and one that I see quite often. We met for coffee/tea at a local coffee house.
Next week......I'm meeting my "Pool Ladies" for lunch.

Good heavens....my "Social Calender" has been very full lately.

But it is ALL good and I am thankful and glad for friends......and for my kids and for my husband who helps to keep me warm!

Most of you know.....I'm not a huge fan of cooking....but I do it. Not always well I admit.
But I do make a mean "Crawfish and Corn Soup".....thanks to one of my friends who taught me how to make it. Many wonderful people have coached me on how to cook Louisiana "cuisine" through the years that we have lived here.

We had this soup for our supper tonight and I thought I would share the recipe with you all as well....it's easy...and it's SO GOOOOOD. Believe me.....IF I can make it....YOU can make it. HA!

The person who gave me this recipe has the last name of "Guitreau."

You pronounce it....."GO TRO."
That my friends....is Cajun.

****Here is the recipe:*****

Crawfish and Corn Soup

1 Onion chopped
1 Cup chopped Green Onions
1 stick Butter
1 LB Crawfish tails....or you can use Shrimp or you can use BOTH!
2 cans of Potato Soup
1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 Large can Yellow Corn
1 Large can White Corn (I use 2 cans of yellow if I don't have the white)
8 oz Cream Cheese
1 pint Half and Half
Tony Chachere's Seasonings to taste and or Red Pepper to taste

1. Saute Onion and Green Onions in melted Butter
2. Add Crawfish/Shrimp tails and cook 5 minutes
3. Add remaining ingredients and cook on low until Cream Cheese has melted.
4 Serve VERY warm.....not hot.



Julie said...

Hi, Joyce,

Would it help you feel warmer if I told you it is supposed to be -32 degrees tonight?

It "only" got to -11 last night. Dan and I had our cold weather supper: tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Yum!

Joyce said...

I LOVE "Tomato soup and grilled cheese (/w ham or without)andwiches."
That is a GREAT winter time supper.
I wish someone would come to my house and make me some of that.

Susie Harris said...

Sounds like you made a good thing out of a bad day. Glad you were able to reconnect with some of your old friends. i know what you are saying about it being cold....Im freezing! Its only going to get colder for the next few days. Keep warm and your soup sounds yummy~

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce,glad that you could connect with old friends. I will have to try your recipe, but with shrimp instead.
It's so cold, even my bones hurt and I am being lazy keeping my nice thick robe on over my clothes. Still undecorating, so I guess Mardi Gras decorations won't go up and I really like the purple, green, and gold. Stay warm because today and tomorrow is going to be really cold. Love and Hugs, Pat

Sara said...

Oh my goodness that sounds so yummy! I can't wait to try it. Now I'm craving real LA food!