Thursday, January 15, 2009

"It's King Cake Time"

"Why Oh Why Must I Live In The State With the 'REALLY Good Food?'"

It's "King Cake" season here in Louisiana.

Just when you think you can "eat healthy" and loose a few pounds.......then these things come along. Like a "PLAGUE".

Frankly, I wouldn't have bought it.
But Miss Priss did it and explained to me...."Mom I was at Ralph's and they got their good King Cakes in and you know how hard they are to keep in stock so I got us one!...........ugh.

Ummmm........want to see my breakfast today??

She just brought it home yesterday afternoon and already that thing is half eaten.

"Why must we have all the really good food where I live???"

I think I want to move to Greece next.
It's beautiful, warm, and they have the most FABULOUS and HEALTHY food all at the same time.

No one has gotten the baby yet.
Maybe it will be me.
Maybe I should go get another piece of it just to see if it's in there.

We don't personally celebrate Mardi Gras but we DO eat the cake.
It's sort of like...."When in Rome......EAT as the Romans."But that's as far as it goes for us.


Sara said...

First the soup and now this??? That's not nice to do to those of us who live so far away from such good food! Our grocery store will make them and it's not like an authentic cake but it's as close as I'll get.

Julie said...

You must write another post and explain "King Cake" for us Northerners.

Denise said...

No one has gotten the baby yet???? What in the world does that mean? I am such a goober sometimes and I have no idea of the celebration of Mardi Gras........... Please tell me about that baby, and that cake looks like I need a piece...........

Joyce said...

Okay you all......
I'm going to explain it all when I get a few minutes to sit back down here and write without interuptions!
Our son just moved back here from Connecticut and we have craziness going on right at the moment and I have to go with Miss Priss to look at a Prom dress at 1:15 and then she and I have to go meet our friend Chantelle who is in from
Maybe tonight??

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I had my first piece last Friday and the person who got the baby, didn't show up last night, so maybe he will be there tonight. I found a very good one at a local grocery store and it was really good, but I still miss the ones in New Orleans. Just subtract about 2000 calories from the rest of the week and you will be fine. Luv Ya, Pat

Julie said...

PS - I have given you an award - please drop by and see it.

KJ said...
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KJ said...

Well, King Cake looks awefully good, fattening, and probably the precursor to a heart attack. You wrote, "Like a plaque." Did you mean "plaque," like that found in arteries or on teeth? Or did you mean "plague." Or is it possible to marry the two words into one horrific consequence for eating something that's wondrous but kills you. Ha!

Yes, you probably do live in the state with the most delicious food!

Joyce said...

KJ..........mea cula!!!
What a ding dong. Thanks for catching that because I sure didn't and spell check wouldn't have either because it is a word.
Just not the WORD I wanted
Although you will get plaque on your arteries like you mentioned when you eat Lousiana food.

Anonymous said...

We love the King Cake too! Don't celebrate Mardi Gras...but eat the cake too! LOL
We love the bakery at Picayune, Ms Paul Bakery...The King Cake is delicious..Katherinellen