Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Day With Our Kids.....

Miss Priss and I went to meet this handsome guy for lunch today.
Gabe... "The Gypsy Boy"

We were able to catch up with him and tie him down long enough to go eat lunch together just us three....which is half of our clan.

Baton Rouge is FULL of excellent restaurants ranging from ALL calibers of foods, settings and price ranges. So we could have eaten anywhere....

However this place is my most FAVORITE place to go out to eat at in town.
Miss Priss loves it as well.

Gabe had already ate there earlier in the this was visit number two for him.

It's a French "flared" part bakery, part restaurant called "Le Madeleine's."

"Miss Priss" didn't want her photo taken at lunch.

Le Madeleine's has the BEST "tomato basil soup" I have found thus far at any restaurant. We all love their food AND it is resonably priced.

Then there is the "setting" everywhere throughout the restaurant reminiscent of a "French Farm House" or so they call it. I wouldn't actually know because I've never been in a French Farm House in I am trusting them on this part.

After we ate we went and browsed through the brand new "Premier" shopping center called "Perkins Rowe" that is adjacent to Le Madeleine's.

Once you get to the inner courts of Perkins Rowe it looks like this.
The stores and restaurants are all considered to be "upscale" and the architecture is "reminiscent" of the New Orleans French Quarter.
But without the crime or craziness.....
Gigantic, beautiful, Chandelier that looms above the walkers in one area.
There are wonderful flowering planters and baskets everywhere...which I LOVE!

There are also "Condos" that are up above the shops where people live....and a huge pool up there somewhere as well.

All day "Miss Priss" did not want me to take her photo.

Got a tiny smile there.

Sure, but she could snap one of ME!
When we were done shopping we headed into the Barne's and Noble for something to drink and to relax a bit.....
I snuck my camera out of my purse and took this one of her!
To which she responded........"MAMA!"
Very loudly too I might add.

It was a great day spending time with "half" of our clan.
Now it's the other people's turn.
They aren't as easy to nail down.
And to get all 6 of us, the husband, myself, and the 4 kids together out somewhere to eat takes a special event!

The next "event" will more than likely be Miss Priss's graduation which is just a few months away now.


Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

Joyce what a lovely town! Thank you for sharing it with us. The restaurant looks like a really nice place to eat. Don't you love it when your grown children will hang out with you. Well, mine are at the age now(26,28,29)where I'm their friend and not some crazy person that doesn't know a thing! LOL!!!

Sara said...

Oh that is sooooooo mean to post this! We had "Le McDonalds" tonight. I am jealous beyond words and Starbucks to top it all off?! Miss Priss is one spoiled teenager, I'm glad she has her mama's good taste!

Denise said...

hard to believe that those pictures are taken in the middle of Feb...... those pots are beautiful! Sound like a fun day with the kids............ glad you got to spend some time.......... We love Barne's and Noble we head up to Norman a lot just to go to the book store...........

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I haven't been down town in Baton Rouge since the 60s, but it looks a lot like River Ranch in Lafayette. I too love the planters and wish I could do more gardening again. That is the one thing I do miss, but dirt is not my friend anymore, even with gloves. I too love hanging out with my children--they make me feel young and alive. Love and Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

oh...the tomato basil soup...I tell people about this soup all around the's the best...

Joyce said...

Actually Perkins Rowe isn't downtown at's right off of Bluebonnet and Perkins...quite near the Mall of Louisiana...just down the road from there and Jimmy Swaggert Bible College if you know where that is.
So it's mid town a great area.
The bad thing is that the area ther is sooooo CONGESTED. But that is Baton Rouge for you.
Over built and not enough roads to support the growth. It's been this way since we moved here and now it's so much worse.

Julie said...

It sounds like you three had a wonderful day. I would have loved to have tagged along and eaten at that restaurant with you. I've never had tomato basil soup but know I would really like it.