Friday, February 20, 2009

What I LOVE About Living South.....

There are so many things I LOVE about "Living in the South" but.....I have to say number one is probably.....
Early signs of SPRING!
Our neighbor's White Azalea bush in FULL BLOOM!

Our own "Pink Azaleas" are just now starting to bloom.

Can you see the little bee in this shot??
We LOVE "Pansies" in the South because they can endure the cold through the winter and take us into the heat of summer.
And then we change them out because they get pretty stressed out looking.
This year I planted all the pansies in "Purple and Gold" .....LSU's colors! HA! Maybe that will help them this year.
Our front porch area.

Yes, it's true, Spring has SPRUNG here...but don't envy us too much.
We will be crying over the "Heat and Humidity" by May.
Or sooner.

I'll give you some more items on my "list" at another time.

But please feel free to tell me what you like about living where you live at too.


Jenji said...

Pretty Flowers! Hi Joyce, I came across your blog one day and just loved it. I have been an avid follower since then:) It is so nice to meet you, and thank you for the sweet comments.

I love LA., It is one of my favorite place on the earth!!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh you.. Baton Rouge ..LOL
you're lucky to be somewhere
warmer than the Midwest..

I saw the Victoria.
Smiles to you, Deena

Kelli said...

I agree! Beautiful spring blooms!

Ms.Daisy said...

I love living in my area too because the beach and boardwalk are only about 5 miles away. Our summers can be very hot and humid because of how close we are to the Atlantic Ocean - but mostly it is a moderate climate that is not too hard to take! Your panseys (my favorite, too!) look very cheery and Springlike!

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

I left you a response comment on my site. You're making me have spring fever!

Julie said...

Oh, I am so envious. But yes, I do know summer will be hard for you.

What do I love about living here? Nothing. No, seriously, low crime, good people, beautiful summers, having four distinct seasons. Even winter is pretty sometimes too, but I've had enough for this year.

Denise said...

Oh such beautiful flowers... I cannot wait till I can dig in the dirt!!! I love to be outside all spring and summer, cannot help myself! Your Spring shots are beautiful !