Friday, February 27, 2009

Gee, It's Good To Be Back Home......

I took this photo at a "Rest stop" in Texas...isn't this just the cutest ideal? I don't know who thought this up but I think it's brilliant.

You know Dorothy was right.
"There IS "no place like home."
I'm glad to be back in Baton Rouge......nutty traffic and all. Here I mean. I think the traffic in Dallas is calmer than here actually. And they have up to 4-5 lanes on the Interstate in some places......something that we NEED to have here in this city.

Can I tell you this? I like Texas.
I really do, I always have.

It's very different than Louisiana.
I mean the MINUTE you cross the Texas border you can feel that something is different. I've always felt that
every time we've been there.

There really is something very "awe inspiring" about that State.

Texas is just so BIG and STRONG!!!

I mean look at the size of this thing. You can drive for hours and hours and never get across Texas!

I can't tell you actually what is is that is so awesome about this great State.....but what I DO know is that many of the things you think of when you say or hear the word "Texas" really are valid.

I was raised and lived in Iowa from 8 years old until I was in my late 20's.
Once we had moved from there to Louisiana, people would ask us "Where are you from?"
Ummm....I think the "Midwestern accents" gave us away at times.
Now we have a bit more "twang" in our speech.

Many times once we responded that we were from "Iowa"....the person asking would say something like....."Iowa, that's where all that corn is." Or they would say...."Did you all have pigs?"

Well, sadly my family didn't have corn or pigs......because we lived in a big city.

But isn't it funny how we associate certain "images" with a region??

Like "Oil wells" really do see them in Texas. You can see these "black gold" pumping machines all the way to Dallas along the Interstate. It isn't a rare site.

I bet you didn't know though, that you can see them over here in Louisiana too.
We also have big ones, little ones, and of course the big "Platform Rigs" out in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana.
I WISH I owned one. Don't you? Even a little one would be fine with me.

Yet, when you think of think oil....more so than you think of it being here in Louisiana.

And Texans love them some flags....
Flags flying in Texas at a "Truck Weigh Station."

Another thing I LOOOOOVE about Texas is that those people......"fly their State Flag" which is that infamous "Lone Star Flag".....everywhere.
And I DO mean everywhere.

Especially at their homes and of course you see them over many business's.
I love that.
I appreciate the Texan's zeal and their love for their State.

Plus, people REALLY do wear "Cowboy hats" there.
I saw people wearing them.
Which didn't freak me out because it's Texas. They should wear them right?

Besides...I've seen that "Cowboy hat wearing" situation in Nashville, and also here in some lower parts of South Louisiana too. So I think it's pretty neat.

Miss Priss and I had a great time together doing the "Mother/Daughter bonding thing" in Texas.

We had a great and producitve trip......
I will tell you more about that in our next visit.
Stay tuned!


Bernideen said...

Joyce: When we moved to Colorado Springs15 years ago we spent most of the trip just getting out of Texas.I will always love Texas-I ven love the way it smells. Like moist dirt!

Joyce said...

Texas smells MUCH nicer than Louisiana. My daughter and I both noticed that! And it's drier there too...which worked for me those few days.
We could tell when we hit Shreveport the many changes in the air and climate. Blah......
The further you go in LA...the moister too.

All My Blessings said...

Joyce, Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate you for them...thank you.

You know just some of my life and I'd like to enlighten you and tell you that I was born in Natchez,MS. In case you didn't know this, Natchez is right on the MS river and the bridge or bridges now go across to Vidalia-Ferriday, LA and then on to Baton Rouge. After I lived in Natchez we moved to Vidalia. My mother married a very good man that was in the Coast Guard and he was stationed on Lake Michigan. I dragged my feet all the way(like a teanager would) and it truly was the best for me. I'm still here. My sister lives in Natchez and my brother lives in Vidalia.
I remember seeing the oil pumps all along the roads-some worked and some didn't. By the way, He works off shore on one of the big oil rigs. That's probably enough for now. Nice to chat with you, please come back and we'll have some tea. Kae

Mari said...

Hi Joyce,
Thanks for stopping and commenting at my picture blog. I appreciated your words - God does have the right person for us!
It looks like you and your daughter had a good time!
I enjoyed reading your profile page. You and I have the same tastes in music and books!

Denise said...

We here in Oklahoma hate it when the wind blows from the south..... we know that some of that dirt and bull _ _ _ _ is headed our way! Hahahhahahhh Really I love Texas.... We go to Fort Worth and McKinney once or twice a year.....McKinney is a very quaint little place with lots of little vintage shops......

Glad you are home safe!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Glad you're back & that you all made it safe and sound! It's funny that you like Texas so much. I have always had a fondness in my heart for Texas and have no idea why! I've never even been there except at the airport on a transfer.
I'm glad that you had such fun-can't wait to hear more.

Julie said...

The word that everyone in the country things of when they hear North Dakota is COLD!

We have lots of oil wells here too, and I'm hoping that one day there'll be at least one on our Fredericksen land out west.