Saturday, February 28, 2009


The city we went to visit in Texas is called "Waxahachie" and it's just about 30 minutes or so below Dallas.

It still has it's small "home town" feeling about though. The population is just around 21 thousand or there abouts, so it isn't a big town.

What I REALLY liked was their downtown area.
It was very nice and it was centered all around their old Victorian looking courthouse which is in very good shape.
The downtown area remarkably was don't see that often in small towns or even big towns. The downtown areas die often times and that is so sad.

But Waxahachie's was vibrant. Which was exciting to me.

The buildings downtown are the original shops with the old time "store fronts" and big windows.
The are TONS of wonderful "Antique Stores" within many of them which Miss Priss and I were able to wander through. And there are fabulous other business's and restaurants in the others.
"The Chantilly Tea Room" where we ate lunch INSIDE of the big window area. There is a huge Quilt store to the right in this photo where that man is sitting on a bench in front. I don't know why it says "Maxwell" above the Tea Room.

What was also impressive were the old Victorian homes in the Historic District downtown.

The sweet, little University "Rep" from SAGU that we were with that day for our tour, took us all over town and to lunch at the Chantilly Tea Room.

She drove us into the Historic District that was right there showed us all the beautiful homes in the area, and then she said....."I have to show you my FAVORITE home" so she zoomed us in her little car to view this one.Miss Priss and I agreed with her that we too loved it, and I went on to imagine what a little bit of "Grapevine" wrapped around the front door with some sweet flowers shoved in it might look like. HA! HA!

We had a very great day! We toured the University, we toured the town...we had lunch in a Tea Room.
Miss Priss and I were so exhausted that night and couldn't WAIT to go to sleep in our wonderful hotel beds. Miss Priss would have a FIT if she knew I snapped this. HA!
Don't tell her.

More to come later.....
I don't want to make this too long each time so as not to bore you all.


Denise said...

Ohhhhhhhh the beauty of a child sleeping........ sounds like you so enjoyed Texas.......... We love going to Fort Worth..... They have some wonderful plays down there..... We are thinking about a trip to the coast this summer.... It has been a long time since I was on a beach!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Sounds like a great little town. That girl is even beautiful while she sleeps,hehe. Glad that yall had a great time and those houses are just great too!

Julie said...

I love towns like that. ND doesn't have any, but nearby Minnesota does, especially in the Stillwater area. Lovely!