Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweet Friends

(Susie Harris and myself at "Jazz Daddy's."
My husband said I looked like an "AMAZON" up against her. She's very petite!)

I feel that I am very BLESSED to have so many sweet and precious friends all over the WORLD actually.
But this past Tuesday I was able to MEET an "online" friend in person. It was so much fun!

I've know this little lady, (oh and I do mean LITTLE.....she's tiny) for way over over a year plus. I met her through our blogs. Crazy I know but that's how it works. We laughed at lunch about how our families but think this is nutty. HA!

Her name is "Susie Harris" and her blog is beautiful and named....."Bienvenue" which in French means......"Welcome"
I have always liked her. I like her "humor" and I like her "elegance" and I like her "down to earthiness" all at the same time. Plus I think she is highly gifted.
I had asked her to make me one of her signs that she designs and we decided to "meet up for lunch" at a local little restaurant her husband likes to eat at.
We both ordered "Po-Boys" which is typical for this area. She had the ham and I had the fried oyster, of course. And we both LOVED the bread!! Nice and soft very yummy!.....HA!

But what was really GOOD was the rich visit we had.
She is just as "real" in person as she is on her blog. I appreciated her heart and hearing how she loves doing what she does and loves her family and her life.
She is the REAL DEAL and I love that in people.
No pretenses.

(Susie GAVE me the sign she had made for me and a beaded "House Blessing" she makes as well. How neat was that!)
We talked about life and our families and all kinds of things.....for about 3 hours. HA!

She's on her way to "Blissdom" today in Nashville with her sister.(Good thing I had planned ahead and brought her a little something as well.....HA!)

But we both plan on getting together again soon.

Now I want to meet these ladies all in PERSON please...K.J. and Julie, and Mary, and Jackie in ENGLAND, and Pat, and Bernideen, Teresa,....and oh my goodness I can't even put every one on here because my "list" is so long.....forgive me if your name isn't mentioned. I am thinking of just would take all day to do this if I kept this up.

Ummm.....I think we need to set up a "meeting site" ladies. Maybe a "Bloggers convention???"

Where can we all meet?

I say we go to Jackie's country of course.......HA!
Anyone game???
What do you all think?


The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, that was super great and I too wish to meet up with you soon. I met 2 of my craft group friends and it was the most exciting time I had in a while. I love the House Blessing beads. They look exactly like my pocket rosaries I make and sell, only smaller. Love your sign. Did you know that hubby can paint like that? Will have to dig out my craft booth pictures and post them soon so people will actaully know that I am a crafter-lol. With my medical concerns, it has taken a back burner for both of us.
I will continue to pray hard for Jenni and Aaron and all of the family. I have been there with our last born and he is now 34 years old with a family of his own---17inches when he was born and now over 6ft tall. Miracles happen, so don't give up. He is adorable and it just reminds me so much of Jonathan. Love, Hugs, and lots of prayers, Pat

Susie from Bienvenue said...

The pleasure was all mine !!! I cant wait till our next lunch~ Sister and I just made a couple of hours ago. Thanks for your prayers cause I drove all the way and laughed every second...well almost,smile. I so wish you were here with us. Next year we will have to make it happen. Hope all is well with the family... praying for you up here. Take care~ Susie