Saturday, February 21, 2009

Waiting In My Mail Box Today......

This afternoon as I checked the mail I saw an "express" mail package crammed in there.
"Humm....I haven't ordered any books in two weeks" I thought to myself.

I then pulled it out to see WHO it was from and upon reading the senders name
I excitedly yelled....YES!!!!!! like a silly teenager.

Loudly enough I might add for my neighbors and close by parts of Baton Rouge to hear as well.
I knew this was coming to me because I won it on my friend Patty's website last Friday. I just hadn't expected it to arrive as soon as TODAY.

This sweet inscription was penned inside by Ms. River's own hand.
That really WAS the "icing on the cake."

I love those scriptures she wrote down.....

Just that little package brought some EXTRA "joy" to my's amazing how that works.
I was already having a GREAT day so this has put it over the top.
And it's only 1:50 in the afternoon....just think what's left for me to behold yet today!

I think I'll go now and take myself a little nap before church tonight.....all this excitement has plumb worn me out. HA!


Denise said...

I have never read any of her work.... Maybe I should.....What a wonderful surprise for you and I can understand why you need a nap! hahahhaha

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and your new book!

Julie said...

Dear Joyce - now you know how great it is to receive such a parcel in the mail. I experienced the same rush when I received the Celtic Step Dance doll from you, totally out of the blue. I will treasure it forever. (I have been pricing the Princess of Ireland doll on e-Bay but am only "window shopping" so far!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you! I happy you had a great day. Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments. Hettie Lou women's retreat was great last fall...350 ladies. Most of the ladies there was from Louisiana and Texas. We were the only 3 who was from Mississippi there. We want to go this Spring...have to play by ears...cause of expense....And we also praying about it. It's soooo annoited in the service that we you come home you are full of joy and your cups is full. Thanks again to visit...come back soon...katherinellen

Ms.Daisy said...

Oh Joyce, You are going to love reading Francine Rivers...I am reading her book called "Leota's Garden" and it is soooo good! I got to see, "The Last Sin-Eater" last year at our Christian retreat in September. Goooood movie!
Have a safe and happy trip to Texas to tour the college campus with Miss Priss.