Monday, March 2, 2009

Campus Visit

Miss Priss and I went to Texas, to check out this University.....This is the front of the Campus....AND is the oldest building on the property.

These are some other areas on campus....nice fountain.

Miss Priss "taking in ALL the information."

I have to tell you that we had the BEST "Rep" in the world there working with us. She was with us the entire day....and took us all over the place.

She was so precious and we just LOVED her! I would consider sending Miss Priss to school there just because of her. HA! Miss Priss and Becca at the "Tea Room" she took us to lunch at.
I ordered the "chicken salad and Squash soup." I've never had Squash soup before but Becca told me it was good so I trusted her on that and it was FABULOUS! It had a little "Cajun" kick to it. That worked for us Louisiana people you know.

I guess this is the only thing that concerns me......
Miss Priss snuggling with her stuffed bear on the way over to Texas.

She's still my baby.
This made me cry on the way over while she was sleeping.'s sort of heartwrenching watching these people grow up.

You want them to.....but then when they are there. Your sad.
It's BITTERSWEET isn't it?

We have one more University to visit before we make our final decision.

The next one is over 10 hours away from us and in Florida......blah.

But I think we may have to move there if that's where she goes.


Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, Your sweet "baby" girl is gorgeous and yes, it is bittersweet when they grow up and start their own lives. But...doesn't it make us proud when they turn out to be beautiful, intelligent adults with so much on the ball! HA! You did good Mama Joyce!!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

What a sweet post. All of our children are grown and now we are lucky enough to have Grands around and we get to be an important part of their lives.....m...

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Joyce. I hope your feeling well after your trip. Thank you for sharing your photos of your trip...yes they do grow too fast! Way to go proud mama! Hugs, Sharon

Julie said...

I wanted Kristen to attend Concordia College in Minnesota, which had a great languages program (which she was interested in at the time). No way she was staying that close to home, or going to "a religious school"! She ended up going to Georgetown U in Washington, DC, which is, so ironically, a Jesuit school! And then she went to Catholic U of America for her master's. And we aren't even Catholic!

Yes, it's hard to see them fly off, but if we have given them good grounding they will be fine.

Lady Katherine said...

Oh, how it is so hard to let our babies go! If she goes to FL, is it in Gainsville? I love that town. I have a friend 45 min away, from there. We worked that area so many times. I love to shop there. If it is pick me up on the way down. lol I was in Baton Rouge so many times. I can't count. We have crawfish, thousands and thousand of babies all around the edge of the pond. Hubby getting worried, too many? lol We cooked a few pounds a few days ago. We go South LA, to a guy named Ricky. can't think of his last name, but he live in where there is nothing, well I do too. lol We hope to add more ponds if this one works. Thanks for offering up your friends for advice. Loved your tea, and hope you all find the right college. Thanks for stopping by.