Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day On An Iowa Farm........

"The Farm"

Andrew and his Daddy.
In February our Nephew "Andrew" was in a very bad, weather (snow) related accident and was broadsided by a Semi truck and was smashed in his little, compact car alongside his girlfriend.He had multiple injuries including seperated shoulders, leg injuries, head trauma and concussions, and several other things that I can't even remember any more.
All I know is that he was a "mess."
And we were all very concerned for his life. The car may not look "that bad" but when you consider the size of this Iowa farm will understand how crushed he was.
While we were in Iowa.....we went to visit his Mom and Daddy's farm so that we could see them and all their children...including Andrew, who MIRACULOUSLY is alive.

THIS is Andrew.
He's standing with his Grandmother......who is my Sister in Law.
Can you see what I mean now??
This boy played football for his College in Northern Iowa....ummm....some position on DEFENSE of course!!
Andrew WAS not able to return to College this Spring because of his injuries and is on a Football scholarship and it is in jepordy right now. So we are praying he gets the "all clear" in order to return in the Fall.

"The farm" they live on is way out an hour and a half from my home city of Council Bluffs, so honey, we really were in the country. "Miss Priss and Joshua" listening to Farm stories....

LOTS of farm animals and kids!!!

More Nieces, Nephews and animals than we could keep up with!

"Ariel in her Lumber Jack....whoops!
I mean "Farm Clothes"

"Travis" who is coming up 3rd in rank right behind big brother Andrew......
"Brian, who is the number 2 son."
"Miss Priss and Gavin who is the youngest member of this family."
"Joshua and Shawn doing a little "Farm talking."
"Miss Priss and her Aunt Jacque."
"Travis and his Daddy"
"Andrew and his Mama"
"One of the nieces and Jacque with Ariel."

These people again......

Okay we are tired now.....time to head back to the big city. "Me, Ariel, and Joshua."

Farm life can just wear you out.
Even if your not doing anything but "visiting."

We loved our entire day though.

Seeing our loved ones, rejoicing with them and accidently stepping in chicken poop.

Something that never happens to us here in Baton Rouge....


HerstoryGirl said...

Wow, that is amazing! So glad that he is (ultimately) OK! Looks like y'all had a great visit. Miss you, girl!

Ms.Daisy said...

Hey! I grew up on a chicken farm and I can relate to the "stepping in..." part really well! HA!
Glad Andrew is going to be OK - that was some accident! I'll bet you are happy to be home again, too! Going away is nice but coming home is nicer!


Andrea said...

Amazing! I live in the city, but really respect the rural life. It's a great way to raise a family! It looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing this miraculous story of survival! God is in control!



The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I had to come by and see how things were going. I am so happy to hear that baby Aaron is doing better. Oh farm life, I remember it so good and sort of living it again with the farms next door. Love and hugs, Pat