Monday, April 27, 2009

We Love Kansas City.....And Our Friends.

On our way to Iowa we stopped in Kansas City, Missouri, to see some close friends of our family. Kansas City is an amazing BIG town with alot of things to do. However we were on a "Mission" so we just kept to our plan...and that was to see our friends and to go to church with them while we were there.

After driving over 13 hours the previous day, before stopping for the night in Columbia Missouri totally exhausted.....we got up and went on to Kansas City arriving sometime around 3:30pm on "Good Friday." Our friends "The Majors."

Upon arriving at our friends house we found that they had even MORE company staying with them....a Russian family and a Bulgarian guy.

And did I mention my friend Iwona is from Poland? Her husband Keith is from Baton Rouge. They met though, in Moscow....long story.

So then add us three South Louisiana's into the mix and you had....."interesting." And fun. HA!

Stacey, Iwona, Joyce

Stacey, along with her husband and children moved to Kansas City last year from Baton Rouge.
We've known them for years too so it was very cool to get to see her and her kids as well while we were up there! We missed seeing her husband because he was working.
"Stacey with one of the Major kids and her kids."

"Keith and Stacey"
"Joyce and Stacey"
"The Major Kids"

We had a great time visiting, sipping tea, eating some ethnic foods (Eastern European) and laughing with all these people we were there with.
This one even played her violin for us.

Friday night we went to church.....which was another MAIN reason why we stopped in Kansas City. Because my family loves their church there.

By the time we came back home.....we'd been in church SIX hours. Which was fine with us but......WHEW!!! Was I was drained at the end of the night.....which was around 12:30ish when we got back to the house.

It was highly emotional for many reasons. Mainly because it filled up our souls so much. Church is very "different" there and we love it.

There was..."wonderful, long worship".....a very deep teaching on "The Passion" of Jesus that night, then we did prayer and intercession for a few hours....and at the end of the night more surprises for Joshua, Ariel and I, before we left the church.
It was fabulous. Very full filling.

By they way.....they do "prayer and intercession" there at the "International House Of Prayer" ....."24/7" and you can stream it "live" on the Internet as well which is awesome.

Once back at the Major's...we ate sandwiches made "European style" which freaked us out.....but we got over it.

And Iwona and I stayed up and chatted (loudly) for another two hours....

Then in the morning......I don't even know how Iwona got out of bed but she did and she made her wonderful breakfast for us that she usually does when we come and see them. And We LOVE it.

Even Miss Priss asked Iwona the day before if she would prepare this food for us and she was SO happy when she woke up and Iwona had make them! "Joshua and Miss Priss"

They are some sort of Pancake/Blintz's or something that I can never seem to duplicate at my house. And she puts fruit in them....apples and bananas. Then adds berries on top after wards with real maple syrup.

It's so fun to have European friends.....I love them. And I miss them already.
The friends and the pancakes.
But especially the friends.


iwka said... are forgiven...

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, what wonderful posts you always do. I almost feel like I am there with you when you take your trips. Miss Priss is getting prettier by the day. I lost your address, so if you can, please email it to me and I will get Al to call me and give it to me---no internet in the country and I so miss everyone in blogland. Love and Hugs, Pat

Ms.Daisy said...

What a great trip you must have had! So many people to see and so many things to do! You have made wonderful memories for years to come!


Denise said...

"Joshua and Miss Priss" is just too cute.. and those Pancake/Blintz's sound just yummy !!!

I love the European people. When we lived in England we toured Europe and it was something beyond words.. They live such different lives....... Glad you had a good time but glad you are home safe.. YES and bet you are tired........

I have been in Church long hours but never 6 hours, WHEW...... What a treat to be in praise and worship that long....... somewhere in there God must have moved down into that room.... The Shekinah Glory....... Been there one tme in my life.. Not something you can forget!

Have a nice quiet peaceful week.

Steph said...

Fun, fun!

Ginger said...


I have some friends in Orlando who work with the Orlando House of Prayer and their children are now in Kansas at the HOP there.