Saturday, May 9, 2009

The People That Call Me "Mama".....

In the South.......your kids call you "Mama."
"Miss Priss" ESPECIALLY calls me boys mainly call me Mom.

I love all these "people!!!"
I call them......."my kids."

Wishing all of you ......."A VERY Happy Mother's Day!"
Be Blessed,


Denise said...

Beautiful, beautiful, oh the joys that "people" called our kids can bring to our lives....... There are not words to express what our heart feels when they give us a hug and say "love ya Mom"....... Makes me smile just typing the words!

I heard from my oldest son 10:30 Mothers Day evening..... First time in 20 years... God is on the move.... I posted it on my blog!

Denise said...

You are soooooooooooo funny! And yes tan fat is ALWAYS better.... In fact my son gave me a gift certificate to a brand new tanning salon here in town. I start tomorrow.... and NO NO NO not in the pool yet! Weather is CRAZY and we are having cool days! The pool got up to 71 and just had 7 degrees to go to be able to swim without my teeth chattering! BUT then came the rain and the cold front and the temp has dropped to 65 again!!!!!!! I am soooooo bummed! Maybe by the end of next week! I sure hope so.... tired of looking at that beautiful blue pool and not being able to JUMP in! Enjoy your summer