Friday, July 10, 2009

Road Trip....

Tomorrow we are headed to a town my husband and I love to go visit.

Natchez, Mississippi......

Natchez, is a sleepy little river town over looking the "Mighty Mississippi."

It's FULL of beautiful, old Antebellum Homes and wonderful, huge's such a picturesque area.
Very "Old South."
Which we like.

Natchez, is my "second" most FAVORITE town in the area that I love to visit. And on our way to Natchez....we go through my number "one" MOST FAVORITE town of St. Francisville, so it's a "win, win" trip all the way for me.

But Natchez is NOT in Louisiana....even though it feels like it.

It's funny how it works out but Natchez is in Mississippi.....yet if you cross the Mississippi River....your in Louisiana again.

Natchez is actually just North of us and only 90 miles from our home in Baton Rouge.It's kind of in that "corner" area where Louisiana and Mississipp, meet.

There are alot of lovely shops and of course...Antique stores there in Natchez and great restaurants.

We will be driving up tomorrow for my birthday.
Going there is how I wanted to spend it this year.
I'm going to be "29" again this year you know.
Wink, wink.

Next year...for that BIG birthday that is coming(ugh) up for both my husband and for myself....we are hoping to go on that big European vacation that KEEPS getting delayed due to such things as WEDDINGS...:~)

I'll show and tell ya'll more about Natchez next week.


Denise said...

Happy Birthday and have a wonderful time! I love love love road trips............

Ms.Daisy said...

I have to agree with Denise - I do so love road trips! Have a very Happy Birthday, Joyce, and enjoy the beautiful countryside!