Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to Mildred

Time to get back to my "friend" Mildred again.
"Mildred" as you remember is the name of the china dishes I inheirted from my Father's Mother. I have a fairly large collection of it so I consider myself very blessed.

Mildred was manifactured by a company called "Mount Clemmons Pottery."
Which seemed odd to me because it was china not pottery.....but so be it. Possibly it isn't china?

I found this bit of information regarding the company that made not only Mildred but many more patterns of china and other such things off of a website:

"Mount Clemens Pottery, Mount Clemens, Michigan 1915-1987 - By 1964, the company was turning out 240,000 pieces of dinnerware per day. This company was bought by SS Kresge in 1920 and made semi-porcelain dinnerware and a solid color ware which came in solid dark green, blue and pink. The ´Mildred´ dinnerware pattern so sought today was designed at Mt Clemens.
In 1965, the Kresge company sold the Mount Clemens Pottery. The new owners (Chase and Chase) operated it under the name Jamestown China Company. Ownership passed to Action Industries of Cheswick, Pennsylvania in 1983."

I am pretty sure that my Grandma Ayres' bought hers at the Kresge's store, since we had one in my home town of Hannibal Mo. which is where my Grandparents lived most all of their lives until their deaths.

As a child I remember going in there to shop with my Mother. I can still recall how the store looked inside even.

It's interesting the memories we hold inside of us even after we are older.

The memories I have from just these simple dishes is invaluable. The dishes may not even be worth much money wise.......yet they are priceless to me.


Marsha said...

I remember shopping with my mom at Kresge's, too. I over time bought her and my grandma many bottles of Evening in Paris "toilet water". :))
What, if any, mark is on the back of your Mildred china? I have some, too. We are truly children of the Midwest.

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Joyce,
I love this pattern - so delicate and beautiful. Yes, you are very blessed to have your Grandmother's china.
I just took a tour of your sidebar and enjoyed the fun facts about your state very much. You are quite creative...I like that!

L, Jean

Denise said...

HELLO GIRL FRIEND!!!!!!!! I have been gone too long and need to get caught up... It has just been too busy this summer and I still did not get much done..... Where did the time go ? I want July back! Hope your summer was good and you cool off a bit! I am trying to read and get caught up on the blogs! Whew I have missed a lot!

Ginger said...

Your china is absolutely beautiful and how wonderful that it holds such precious memories.