Friday, September 25, 2009

"Winding up...or Winding down." Which ever.

"Miss Priss and her Mama"
Not that I am an "expert".....but I have weathered a few storms, living here in South Lousiana.

I'm talking about "Hurricanes" you know.
I think.

You know how before they hit land they sometimes stay in the water and "they calm down and loose speed" making their impact less damaging when it does hit land.....and at other times these spinning monsters "gather strength and they speed up."Making their approach more frightening for those on land and their impact terrible more devasting.

I feel like we have made all nessacary "preparations" and have "battened down the hatches" as best as possible.

So now bring on the hurricane.

Errr......I mean Wedding.

Here are the photos from the fabulous shower my great friends held for Miss Priss two weekends ago in St. Francisville at my good friend Lori's house.
"Miss Priss" at her Wedding shower.

Forgive my photography...I need a new camera. Ugh! And Weddings cost too much so I'm not buying one right now. Sadly.

All the Hostesses for the shower....
There was TONS of good food, delicious cake and PRESENTS galore!

"The Maid of Honor" on the far right and her two sisters.
"The Groom's family" The Groom's Aunt, Step Sister, Step Mother, Sister, Miss Priss and her Mama

My GOOD friends, Lori and Joanie Miss Priss and "Mack" my friend Lori's daughter and Miss Priss's friend. Mack is a newlywed herself.

Time for a hurricane party soon. We are two weeks away now.
I like how you have notice before a hurricane as compared to other such events.

I'm ready....... bring it on.


Southern Touch Catering said...

Oh, it looks like it was such a lovely shower. I can feel your pain (double that is)LOL!
I missed getting to go to the younger daughter's shower (it was the day prior to the oldest's wedding). But I only have one more week as of today. Then NO MORE WEDDINGS!!! Well, you know not for my family anyway- So MUCH Blessings to you and your Beautiful Miss Priss. Soon she'll be Mrs. Priss (so sad momma)

My Vintage Studio said...

Looks like a wonderful wedding shower!

Denise said...

What a deal and what a beautiful day that is coming...... I pray that you SOOOOOOOOOOO enjoy every moment and it is impressed in your mind for ever......... I have been missing so long and need to catch up but will follow and see this wonderful wedding.......

Southern Touch Catering said...

Hey Joyce, see my reply to yours on my site.

Ms.Daisy said...

Dear Joyce,
Enjoy the showers, the wedding and all the lovely stuff that goes along with Miss Priss and her "Man" getting married. I've been through two daughters and their weddings and now babies (and grands growing up too fast!) so enjoy it while you have it in the palm of your goes sooooo fast! Much love and luck to you and Miss Priss - can't wait to see the wedding pics!

Love 'n' Hugs,

IsabellasCloset said...

Joyce, Sorry I've not been here to vist for a while.
Oh my gosh.. Miss Priss is getting married WOW how about that!
I know how busy you must be..this brings back memories of my 2 Daughters weddings.
You must be going crazy and all that money to be put out. Oh my!
What lovely shower photos.
Blessing to you, hubby & the happy couple. I wish you all the very best. What fun for all.
Hugs ~Mary~ :-}