Friday, October 2, 2009

Is It Just Me?

I'm a major "Night Owl."
Whooooooo whooo....else is?

All I know is that it's very late here in this house yet, I am WIDE awake and have the "AOL RADIO" playing very loudly in my office where I am working. Maybe that's part of the problem.
I think I might need to "dim the lights" and turn that stuff down a bit.
But I am into this new "Sinatra Style" section they have on there.
It's all old style music in "Sinatra's" singing fashion. There's some newer music on there too like songs by "Michael Bublé." However much of it is old stuff and I love it.

Now why am I not in bed "dreaming" right about now?? I haven't a clue. Other than the fact this is my "prime time of the night" AND I have a million, gazillion things to cross off my never ending list for the upcoming
Wedding of Miss Priss and Mr. Joshua.

As soon as I get one list done and start feeling great about that. I start a new list.
Right now I am on the "House TWEAK List"......which is things to do before my sister Jenny and her family get here from Iowa. They will be flying into New Orleans on this coming Wednesday night where we will pick them up and drive them back to Baton Rouge for all the "FESTIVITIES" which will all begin the very next evening.

Now I am tired from just writing about it.

Just wanted to say "Hi" really quick before FORCING myself to go to bed.

I will be "back in the loop" in about two weeks.
Pray for husband and I BOTH are sick right now.

We been down for two days with some odd virus that is exhausting us and giving us body aches, etc. I'll spare you all the gorey details. :~)

Needless to say......we don't have time for this right now.

Oh well.....we press onward.


My Vintage Studio said...

Hope you feel better!
I am a night owl, too!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ms.Daisy said...

I can never seem to get to bed befoe 1 or 1:30 in the morning! Then I sleep in until about 8:30 or 9:00! I am out of work right now so I guess I'd better take advantage of it!
I really do hope you and hubby start feeling better soon...but I think even the doctor would recommend bedrest! LOL! :0)


Karen June Miller said...

I'M UP! Then again, it's only 12:16 AM here. And, then again...again, I normally DO stay up later. In fact, one night this week, I stayed up all night thinking that I would return to bed after I got the boys to school. NOT! I actually came home, returned to my projects, and then forgot that I had been up all night. Mental pause!!! Tonight, I am trying to stay up later, but I am nodding off at my computer. So, nighty night.

Love ya, KJ

Julie said...

Hang in there Joyce, it's just a few days now (I'm writing on Oct. 7, Wed.) When the relatives arrive, it's time to put down the lists and start having fun. That's what a wedding is all about (or else - give them part of the list - ha!) I hope you and your husband get well soon and that Ms. Ariel does not get it from you!