Saturday, October 31, 2009

BEAUTIFUL Fall photos from Massachusetts

I have a little friend who lives outside of Boston.
She has seen on my blog how sad I am about the "dreadfully drab" Fall weather we have here in Lousiana......and she having lived here before....sent me some sweet "Fall RELIEF" through her photos.

Now....I could never live in Massachusettes personally.
For several's too hard to spell.

And a bit too liberal of an area of the world for me. No offense to anyone from there that may be reading this.

However, I would LOVE to go visit one day and this is why......

Aren't these trees lovely.

I LOVE Pumpkin Patches......they are sooo fun and cute!

I told my husband I want to "Grow some Pumpkins next year"....but I don't know if we can fit this in.

We found out the date for the "next Wedding" today...which is going to be MAY 8th...then my husband and I are embarking on a BIG TRIP..planned for June.

Ugh...SOOOO....Pumpkins take a long time to over 100 days...I'm not sure I can fit them into my tight schedule....

One day though...maybe...if we don't keep on this track of "One wedding per year"....Because I have two boys left to marry off.
That alone could tie up my next TWO years...ugh.

Hummm....I have two boys left?? Any takers??? I might need to help speed this up so I can get on with my life. :~)

We have this one...Gabriel the oldest one up for grabs.....although he is currently dating someone.

And we have the youngest boy...Luke...who is single and not dating anyone. He's very kind and giving and lives at home with his PARENTS.
Which we are fine with though...that way we don't totally have an "empty nest" plus we have a built in "helper and "yard guy."

MY BOYS WOULD STRANGLE me if they knew I did "shhhhh"....don't tell them. Just contact me and send me your "wedding qualifications" resume, if you want to marry one of them.....

***Everything has to "Be checked out and be cleared with the MAMA first" you know....

~Ya'll have a BLESSED DAY!~


Ginger said...

I miss having beautiful fall color down here, too. When we were in DC a few weeks ago, I LOVED the drive up and back with the mountains in glorious color! I kept thinking, "Lord, You just came up with all this beauty out of nothing!" He is so amazing!

BTW, pumpkins are incredibly easy to grow. If you just plant a few seeds somewhere the vines can ramble, perhaps a neighbor child can water every couple of days while you are gone?

Ms.Daisy said...

You are too funny with your offer to "marry off" you two boys! You'd better get ready for the responses because your guys are SOOOOOOO handsome!!!! :) I can't wait to find out what you and hubby have planned for June!