Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Cest Si Bon"...translation: "it's all good."

Just so you all know I'm telling the are some "Fall photos" from my neck of the woods.
Well... a tad bit away 45 minutes or so from my house but will get my point.

My husband and two of our sons are hunters. They recently went together and bought themselves a "duck hunting" boat. They are trying to learn how to drive it now before the season opens in a few weeks and are looking for a "sweet spot" to hunt.
They will be hunting here.....
Notice the RED nail polish on that "hunters hand"...that would be Kolin, Caleb's fiance...she went along with them to "Scout" this past weekend.

This is the "Atchafalaya Basin" and it's beautiful.This area is in between Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana.
This is the main route to get to Lafayette and you must first cross the Mississippi River...then travel over this large body of water on this main parallel bridge that is 18.2 miles long...

Right, I did mention this is over water for the entire 18.2 miles??? IF you have a "BRIDGE phobia" this is the place to cure it. Come drive with me to Lafayette.

We will go shopping and eat awesome food while the men hunt.

Don took these photos for me from the boat. He wants me to go out there in all that water with them...but I am sort of hesitant. Because there's gators in there and they might want to eat me.
Because I'm so sweet and all.

So this is "Fall" in Louisiana so far.
What do you think?

Now these trees in the water will loose their leaves generally and some may will get a bit more sparse but it won't be totally bare. We do have a few "chicken" or junk trees turning color..but they are typically yellow. Some small maples people have in their yards are turning red. But that's about it.

It never is really colorful down here nor does it get very bare.
We love our winters...usually.

But our summers last WAY too long.
It was over 70 degrees here yesterday....low humidity.
A VERY beautiful day here..but not "Fall like" compared to the rest of the United States.

Ya'll come see us in early March when your sick of winter...because our Azalea bushes will be blooming then. :~)


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I would love to go shopping with ya! Jesse is getting all geared up for the duck'a'rama'here. Even bought new chest wadders...ha! So how is Mrs. Priss these days? How's Momma? ((hugs)) Susie

Denise said...

Oh my..... those photos are just amazing.... What beauty.. and yes I would love to cross that bridge and have lunch..... what a treat that would be to sip tea with the Secret Gardener........

Ms.Daisy said...

Loved the tour and all that water with gators swimming around! I'll bet the hunters will have a terrific time, though, I would definitely prefer to go shopping and tea sipping with you!