Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kilts, and more Kilts........

I appreciated what my friend Teresa at "Southern Touch Catering" said when she commented on my last post stating this....
"I'll take the Kilts over the tights any day! Gotta love the Scott's & Irish!!!"

Well said Teresa.

Who cannot appreciate a great Kilt...? Now I suppose some of it depends on the wearer of such a thing. But I have seen some rather "large men" (as well as old and craggy too) in them..and still thought the Kilt itself looked lovely. It's just fabric.
But it is fabric with a meaning and a cause.
The fabric itself reflects and designates "heritage."
The colors and patterns reflect which "Clan" or family you belong to. And this doesn't pertain ONLY to the Scotts, the Irish and the Welsh wear Kilts as well.

There are many "rules" to Kilt wearing...you just don't slam one on. You need to understand what your doing, yet in some ways....I say "just have fun and wear one." Even if you can't find your correct clan or colors, etc.

Even certain "Regiments" of the various British Isle (Scotland, Ireland, Wales) Armies wear them.
Hummm....I bet Her Majesty was not "amused" but herself being Scottish..she knows how it works.

**By the way I had to GO back in and crop this photo because it SHOWED everything that was going on with that poor man!Good GRIEF! I didn't even realize it when I first worked this up until I previewed the photo afterwards.
Yikes! This is a "G" rated blog.
I bet he was embarrassed! But who knows...maybe not.

Moving onward...some Kilts are for "Dress" occasions.....like a Wedding or important occasion.

Now days there are these new "Modern" Kilts that are for even more "practical reasons"...they are called "Utility Kilts" and I suppose they are cooler than pants or shorts.

Regardless of the style or the colors, I think Kilts are just a fabulous way of showing your heritage.
And your boldness...even Prince's wear them in public.

Oh and PLEASE don't ask me that "what do they wear underneath thing."

That is a very "CHEEKY" question.

I don't even dwell on such matters.....besides.....I think we ALL know the answer to that anyway.

More Kilts from the Louisiana Renaissance Festival and some FABULOUS Bagpipers next time!!!


Annette said...
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Denise said...

I am the one that deleted was me.. It was a mistake..... I was logged into her blog to fix her background and forgot to log out......... anyway... I laughed and laughed at this post and is so made me smile.. Both my boys are of Scottish Heritage..... I need to go out and buy them a Kilt!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Oh, I just LOVE IT. I'd love to try & find what pattern Carter or Kidston would be & What a surprise to see myself mentioned on your blog today. As far as what's under....I'd rather keep that to my imagination! LOL!!!

Ginger said...

Love it! I laughed at your "cheeky" photo - I was very surprised, too! :^D Steve would love a kilt - one day I'll get him one. Perhaps this summer when we go to Scotland! He had a hard time finding his clan - I tried to help him and discovered I below to TWO! Are you familiar with the "Celtic" BR group, Smithfield Fair? Steve always listens to their music in the fall. Fall makes him feel his roots, I suppose.

Ms.Daisy said...

What a hilarious post! You really made me laugh at your "cheeky" comment. HA! I love to see those really manly men wearing kilts - I'm Scott-Irish so I can appreciate kilts! My father's mother was a Scott and he had an Irish grandmother. Fun post - thanks!
A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Julie said...

This was so funny! I once interviewd a guy (a pastor, no less) who was very into his Scottish ancestry. While I was interviewing him he accidentally raised his kilt on one side. I was scared, but it turned out he wore tighty-whities underneath. (And I don't think he even knew it happened, as I kept a straight face.)