Friday, November 13, 2009

Louisiana Renaissance Festival

When you attend a "Renaissance Festival"...first thing you need to realize is that "PEOPLE like to dress up at these things."
So prepare for that. It can be a good thing or a bad thing. HA!

Next you can expect to be "hit on" by men in tights and odd outfits. This one was "supposed" to be a "French Noble Man."

Finally I said...."Okay...I'll take a photo with you" which time I asked him once I heard his strong accent which sounded much like one cartoon skunk AKA "Pepe Lepeu" .."are you supposed to be FRENCH??"
He said...."Oui" and I replied...."Sir, we don't like the French."
He then said to me...."Why, I took a bath today?" Hummm....I had to laugh. I asked him .."why didn't he just use a ton of French perfume like they normally did??"

I know, I know...this is LOUISIANA...but this was a pretty much BRITISH type Renaissance Festival. Or so I presumed. I found out later...that wasn't the case.

Then there is also every kind of "Renaissance" looking/acting person there that you can imagine there...This was a sweet little couple...with a huge horse. This young lady and her partner were making "crocheted hats" out of actual hair from her long haired rabbits.

People walk about eating those huge "Turkey drumsticks" like Henry the VIII or something...check out this guy dressed like a THREE Musketeer (not the candy bar) eating one over a trash can. Lovely.

"Jousting" is a typical event at these Fairs...

Here we have a "Zena Warrior Princess and her friend a Wench of some sort"
More Men in tights...tight tights....
And now...I have saved the best for last.

Mel Gibson!!!
Whoops...I mean "William Wallace".....I mean "Brave heart" oh...whoever he was...HE WAS A CUTIE!
I was too embarrassed to ask him for his photo so I sent my friend Marsha's pregnant daughter-in-law to do my dirty work and take his photo and then she yelled over at me and said....
"Hey Ms. Joyce, you better come take this picture because I'm GETTING IN IT WITH HIM!!"Smart Lass...I wish I'd gotten in it too.... Ugh.

Loved his kilt.
I am all about the kilts.

More photos AND Kilts... next time.


Southern Touch Catering said...

We too have the Renaissance Festival here. I've only been once when the girls were in school.(We sold lemonade for a fund raiser)
But you look like you were having a great time.
P.S. I'll take the Kilts over the tights any day! Gotta love the Scott's & Irish!!!

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, what a wonderful post. My son and his family go to many Renaissance Festivals and their friends brother got married at a big one in Texas. I wish I had my pictures here, because my gs and gd look so cute in their outfits.
You have got to go on a tour of the swamps, but make sure it's in a boat and not a pontune (sic) boat. We got to hold baby alligators and they don't come after you--they are actually afraid of you. When you go in a boat, you get to go deep into the swamps and see Nature at its best. Of course this gal who can't swim very good wore a life jacket-lol.
Happy to hear Aaron is doing fine. So far I have not been able to find anyone who has the HINI shot, so I pray I don't run into someone who has no care about going into the public when they are sick. I need to email you about the Special Edition of Mary's Angels. I can't find one anywhere, so my collection will be lost without it. Love and hugs, Pat

Susie from Bienvenue said... are just too funny and precious~

Julie said...

It makes me miss the Minnesota Renaissance Festival so much! Dan would always have a turkey leg, and Kristen too! As fussy an eater as she was, it really surprised me. We haven't been since she was about 13.

Love that Braveheart.

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