Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas in New York.....

Here are a few photos of our first day of our trip to New York. Of course it was COOOLD when we arrived. And the very FIRST thing we did once checking into our hotel room put on our LONG UNDERWEAR and get ready for the freezing weather.

Hey, what can I say.......we're from Louisiana!!!

These two shots above and below are of Macy's and it was SO crowed and crazy we could hardly stand it....we stayed for an hour and a 1/2 and never went back. I did pick up some earmuffs and a new hat though.

Joshua and Ariel and my husband at the Hershey's store...can you tell Don's eating the "free" samples they gave us of Hershey's kisses?? Look at Don's mouth full of candy!

Joshua and Ariel in the M&M's store.

Wonderful tall lit up buildings around us.

Skaters in Bryant Park.

Me and Don...freezing.

Joshua and Ariel

Very cool fountain in the park...I'm surprised it wasn't frozen solid.

After all this excitement...Joshua and Ariel were frozen and tired, so they wandered back to our hotel and to their room for the night.

But my husband and I who are of course "more adventuresome" and wanting to do all we could in the short time we had in New York....had planned on going to church at "Times Square Church" that evening.
So we did.
And I'm so GLAD that we did because the service was FABULOUS!!! It was their "Christmas Choir Concert" that night and it was wonderful!
We were sooooo tired and nearly could have went to sleep in the service even, but I we were extremely encouraged and uplifted in our hearts during the entire time we were there and after wards. What a great place to visit while in NYC.

I'll pick up with those photos and such on my next post.
I must go now because I have to go to the Doctor's time for my once a month "IV" treatment

Stay tuned...more to come!


Southern Touch Catering said...

It looks cold, but FUN! Thanks for sharing.

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, your pictures are great. I think I stayed in Macy's Christmas Dept. for over 2 hours. It was 20 degrees both times I went in December and it was snowing while we were landing. Can't wait to see more pictures. I luv NYC. Thanks for sharing. We went to the church across from Ground Zero and then toured many others. Love and Hugs, Pat

sister sheri said...

Hey Joyce! Don't know if you e-mailed me yet to get your prize! Congrats!

Bernideen said...

Very fun photos and |I felt like I was there - I got to go too!

sister sheri said...

Hi Joyce... I have an e-mail me button on the right side of my blog... just click on it and e-mail me... your e-mail didn't show up on the comment.

Beth said...

Nice blog. I am fascinated by the Christmas celebration in the picture. It was nice going through your blog.

Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Joyce, fab pictures! Loved the comment about Macy's...I hate crowds so think that would be my idea of a nightmare, although maybe I could brave it for the experience. Looking forward to seeing some more pictures!

Jackie x

Denise said...

I just love NY.... and want to go back one day..... I would love to see it at Christmas time... I have never been in Macy's but need to go just once... I want to go to ground zero one of these days but I fear I will cry....

Terra said...

Your photos make your trip to New York look magical.

Valentine Hearts said...

My computer just crashed in the middle of sending you an email. I am back blogging pop by and see what we have been up to. I don't use that email addy anymore could you send me your email again my new address is exactly the same, it just ends in I do pop by often even if I don't leave a comment xx