Monday, January 11, 2010

More from New York

Later that evening of the very same "FIRST" day of arrival in New York, my husband and I went on to church services at "Times Square Church"

The "honeymooners" were tired and worn out so they went back to their hotel room to go to bed.

We, "The Parents" who are about 30 years older.......KEPT on "going."
Which would be the case for most of this trip in the end. :~)

Not that we hadn't all gotten up at 3:30 this very morning, drove to New Orleans, flew into NYC, got into Manhattan, checked into our hotel rooms, and then proceeded to trudge all over New York already..."on foot" something we don't do in our own city even....then..add to this that now it was currently about 7:00 Eastern time...and you know, sort of COLD.

Honestly we were tired as well..but we figure we only have "so much time to do what we wanted to do" and that included attending T.S. Church.
Here's some views from the inside....the place is just beautiful!

This evening they had their church adult and junior choirs to combine and were having a
"Christmas Concert" of sort. And it was fabulous.

Of course our photos of the choir didn't turn out clear.
But trust me...if you go to New York. You must stop in for a service there.

It's right in the middle of Times Square. Looks just like a theater on the outside......and inside. But it's "no nonsense" once you enter. Believe me...they are "not" there to entertain you by any means.

On our walk back to the hotel which was about 19 blocks, in the freezing cold, and about 9:00 at night...we decided we were hungry and should find someplace to eat.

Most restaurants on Broadway were we stopped at an Irish pub off the beaten track. It was cozy and warm inside and the food was GOOD....we had "Clam Chowder" and their special "Shepherd's Pie." Then off we trudged back into the Manhattan night air.

The next day...the husband and I were to "set out alone" into Central Park and see what we wanted to see, while Mrs. Priss and Mr. Joshua were going to go off together and "do their own thing" as well.

I'll fill you in on some "high lights" of our special "spending the morning walking in Central park with a temp of 21 above"..."lunch at 'Tavern on the Green' which I hear is now defunct, shopping with the "Maddening Crowd, at FAO Schwartz"....and more.
Plus a few other things we squeezed into our day. I'd have to say that this was my MOST favorite day of our entire trip.

Come back later and we will's much to late tonight to start this new chapter.


My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Joyce.
Your photos of NYC are lovely. Thank you for sharing! I have always wanted to go to NYC at Christmas.

Hope you are doing well.
Wishing you a wonderful week.
Hugs, Sharon

Ms.Daisy said...

I love your narration of your trip to NYC! It's informative and funny!HA!
I will have to make it a priority to see the Times Square church...which I've never seen. Thanks for the beautiful photos too.


Sara said...

I enjoy the NYC posts and your photos! Gorgeous!