Friday, January 29, 2010


I need to give some of you a bit of "closure."
I dropped you off a cliff when the Haiti tragedy took place.

And I apologize about that part.

But if you knew me well...and some of you do. You know that I'm just not one that can go on gleefully showing off my glorious photos of my "wonderful life" and trip to New York.
Not when hundreds of thousands of people were crushed and dying and many already dead.

Not when immediate focus needed to be drawn to "the people" and to their little country county which was such a huge point of the human suffering at that time.
I knew it was a moment in time that needed to be "SEIZED" and all attention in the world needed to go to them so that much needed funds and humanitarian aid could be raised.

So my life needed to take a "back seat" at that moment so that their issues could "Shine."

Little has changed in that department now even weeks later. Haiti is still torn and ravaged and will take years and years to recover. And I will continue to address that here. Along with other issues......

Now I will continue on with the New York photos. Not that they matter that much in light of many things on this big earth.

But I promised I would come back to them and I ALWAYS try to keep my promises and vows.

So bear with me..........:~) sigh.

This is one of the fabulous "store front" window displays just off 5th Avein NYC. Excuse my cameras flash.
It's glaring the photo pretty much.
But can you see what the tiny sign says?

Let me help you out......

First of all let me tell you that all of the window displays are wonderful settings full of many details and meaning.
You just have to study them and "grab onto what they are trying to tell you" in their displays.

This window grabbed my eye of course...because it was such a cute little
"Tea Setting." Can you see the "sugar cubes" in the sugar bowl??

I didn't see the sign myself until later once I was home and reviewing my photos...

It says.........
"Can you imagine?"

I love that.
Because "I can".......I'm a dreamer and I always "imagine."

Let me give you a brief word study from Webster's dictionary:


Pronunciation: \i-ˈma-jən\
Function: verb
Transitive verb
1 : to form a mental image of (something not present)
2 archaic : plan, scheme
3 : suppose, guess "I imagine it will rain"
4 : to form a notion of without sufficient basis : fancy intransitive verb 1 : to use the imagination
2 : believe 3

In my mind I am always "imagining"...good things, not so much bad things.

Right now, in my heart....I am "imagining" that things will not stay the same in Haiti and that the people there can begin to "imagine and BELIEVE" that things will get better.

Which leads me to think of another word. One that I love and can't live without.



Sonja said...

Awesome entry always seem to write the words down that convey such truth. Truly inspiring what you have done to your blog. I too can't seem to get on without thinking about Haiti, the people who died, the miracle ones that lived!
I am in a winter season of my walk with the Lord...I need to perk up my own blog and get the vision He wants for it, if you think about it in your prayer times pray for not waste the gifts inside me so I can pour them out effectively for Christ!
I appreciate you and your words!

Sonja Howell

Ms.Daisy said...

Very thoughtful post on Haiti and the way that country has been ravaged. I cannot even imagine what living out in the open (for fear of falling debris) would be like. I did read that some of the people are forming "committees" of sorts to try to bring some order to their particular neighborhoods so that food and supplies can be handed out in an orderly fashion. I read that because there was so much confusion and pandimonium aides could not give out all the food for fear of their lives. A terrible, terrible situation. God be with them and Help Them!