Sunday, January 31, 2010

~Regarding Broadway Shows~

Please don't hate me.

But I must get this part over with regarding "Broadway Shows".....

I have found that once some one has found out that you are going to New York they always will ask you... "What Broadway Shows did you see?"

And it's always PLURAL...not singular. Odd.

As if you must see "many" Broadway shows while you are there. I do agree it's great opportunity to take them in.......if you can afford it. If it had been my choice, I would go see something new every night but there isn't usually enough time, energy or money to do so.

Broadway shows are not cheap by any means.

Add to this the fact that point that you may see one and if you see one you don't like..then it's a loss because you could have picked another one that you might have really enjoyed.

Once you find the "right" show...then the price you paid will have been well worth it.

This trip we attended these two shows:

Honestly...the first one we saw which was at the "Radio City Music Hall" was FABULOUS! Although I did fall asleep for about 30 minutes during it my family tells me. Terrible. But I was absolutely EXHAUSTED!! We had already had a "full day" of sightseeing then hit this show for 4:00pm so I guess I just needed a nap. An expensive one at that!

Radio City Music Hall

The second show which of course was "The Phantom of the Opera"....only Mrs Priss and Mr. Joshua, and I attended, and we all HATED it.
I just did not like it at all and was very restless during it's "dark" plot. Then the kids confessed to me that they didn't like it either.
In intermission we thought about leaving because several people around us had left the show, but I told them I just could not in wise conscience leave something we had paid so much to see.
And they agreed... So we suffered onward.

At one point Mrs. Priss whispered to me...."Mama, how long has this been on Broadway?"
I replied..."25 years, I believe..."
She replied..."25 years tooooo long."

I was so disappointed and once returning home many people have expressed the same opinion to me.

I have always been one to state that "The Emperor hasn't any clothes on" and I was talking with a mutual friend of some friends of mine the other day and she had gone to NYC last year and said she saw Phantom as well and did not like it at all.

She and I agreed that "many just do not want to say they don't like it because every supposedly does like it.

Don't get me's got great pyrotechnics in it and the music was so so, costuming was great...decent set design. Especially of the underground cavern where the Phantom takes Christine via a little boat. That was very good expression and stage effects.

Just not enough to win us over.

I've seen the movie and loved it. But the Broadway show did not work for me nor my kids.

The really FUNNY thing is that I have heard that "Phantom" music everywhere since coming back from the trip and it's hilarious really.
Like it's haunting me.

I was even at my good friend Marsha's one day and she had music playing and all of a sudden the unmistakable theme song from Phantom came on and I cracked up laughing and said "Marsha is that the Phantom of the Opera?" And she said "yes" and explained to me how much she loved Phantom of the Opera. So I proceeded to tell her my Phantom "nightmare" story. HA!!!

Several times since this I've heard that music in the oddest places.

Personally if I never hear the name "Christine" sang again...I'd be very happy...but apparently that Phantom is going to track me down now and torment me with his crazy music.

Thanks Andrew Lloyd Weber, this music is continuously stuck in my HEAD now.

If you want my advice on what to see while in New York City...

Go see "The Lion King"
first...then all other shows last. Nothing will really compare once you see it.

We also loved this Mary Poppins last time we went to NYC.

I guess those two shows "ruined" us now when it comes to seeing other Broadway shows. But it's okay. They were worth it.
And as some point something will take the forefront over them.

As for Broadway Shows.....there are SO many to choose from.....and prices and seating varies from show to show.
So do your research BEFORE you go. Then try to get the best ticket prices you can while your there.
We did.


IsabellasCloset said...

Joyce, Oh Wow! What great broadway shows.
I'm sure you have such a great time in New York!
I was there it was in the 60's....
My daughter went a few months ago and had such a great time.
When you have time.. please stop by my blog I have an award for you!
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

The Urban Chic said...

Hi Joyce, I have not been online for a few weeks. For some reason, I had dial up and then it was gone. It took 4 days, one with me ill, on the phone from 10:30am till 2:30pm and didn't get anything accomplished.
Well with the 4 times I have been to NYC, I have yet to go to a show. Donnie said too many people invite themselves to tag along with me, so my next visit will be a secret, so we can go to at least one. He has seen so many, that it will be hard for me to decide, but I trust his judgement. He also was disappointed with Phantom and Wicked.Mary Poppins was one of his favorites and he sent me a T-shirt.
I too have heartfelt feelings for the people of Haiti. It is such a sad situation, so I can't complain about how I have it. Many Blessings for them and your family. Hugs, Pat

Ms.Daisy said...

I felt the same ways about "Cats" also by Andrew Lloyd Weber! It was awful and the only redeeming feature was the song "Memories" and that only took about 3 minutes!!
So glad you tried my Shiney Sink idea and that you had good success!
We are having ANOTHER Blizzard up here in the Northeast and I can truly say: ENOUGH ALREADY!!!