Wednesday, January 13, 2010

*** PLEASE pray for Haiti***


This is how I feel about my blog.......or most blogs on a day like today.

Because when there has been a tragedy of the magnitude of what has happened in Haiti.

I think to myself....."Who cares about all this goofy stuff on blogs"......unless it deals with the current issue at hand.

I always have to pause and recheck my values especially at times like these. And wonder if I am being foolish with my time on this planet.

"Am I making a DIFFERENCE or NOT?"

You see this troubles me greatly.....because I dearly WANT to "make a difference."

So forgive me I don't put any photos of my family having a fabulous time at Christmas in New York right now while hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children are dead or dying in Haiti.

I just can't do it. Not right now.
I'll do that later.

Because my mind runs back to the memory of the Cabbie driver that took us to the movie theater on Christmas Day and we asked him where he was from and he told us...."Haiti."
I wonder about how his loved ones back in that country have fared.

And the time I was in Nicaragua and was SHOCKED and appalled at the great poverty and the condition of the country.

While I was having a conversation with the Missionaries wife we were there with I said to her......."This has the be the poorest country in this hemisphere" and she told me....."No Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, it's way worse than Nicaragua." I just couldn't even comprehend that thought after seeing what I was already seeing there and this was just after the civil war had ended. All I could think was "How could Haiti be much worse than this country??"

But through the years and through many friends of mine that have gone...I've read and learned much about the country of Haiti and it has suffered one thing after another it seems.

BY the way....there is NO condemnation to any of you that do blog and do what you do. Don't misunderstand me.
This is just something I need to do for this moment.

Here are some things that we will do as a family regarding Haiti for now:

#1.GIVE ...locally to our church which is involved in partnering with other relief organizations that are already there working as recently as last evening in this sad, tortured, country.

Not to brag but the churches in this area are nearly "experts" at "disaster relief" due to the work they and others in our area partnered together to do in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

#2. We will PRAY..which is so important right now.

#3. We have offered to "GO" if they need us....we have "valid" Passports and have offered our help in any way possible.

PLEASE take this opportunity to "SHINE"
to these people who are so in need right now.
Everyone can do something.
Trust matter how small it may seem to you, no good deed will go unnoticed.


Denise said...

I lived in Taiwan and Philippines for years and even as a young woman full of herself, I was so moved by the poverty. I like you watch the horrific images coming out of Haiti and I grieve in myself .. I am warm and comfortable and water when I need it.. too much food and far too many clothes in my closet..... I asked my husband how long does it take to get there and what could I do if I went... He sat silent as did I after asking... My heart is willing but my flesh is fearful of my comfort....... God help us if we fail to "just" pray.......

Joyce said...

I can never imagine you being "Full" of yourself....but what a humble statement.
It is so sad but I know GOD is at work and people are going to get involved and give and help AND pray.
But we may have to give and go as well. I'm open.

Southern Touch Catering said...

You are such a loving person and we all need to stop and pray for Haiti. Thank you for reminding us how precious and valued we all are. God's blessings on Haiti & it's peole. Thank you Joyce.

Ms.Daisy said...

God Bless you Joyce...prayers DO make a difference and I know you and your church family will make a difference too.


sister sheri said...

Thank you for the challenge!

arlee bird said...

Last night I watched a movie called BEYOND THE GATES, which is about the genocide in Rwanda in the 90s. The images of the men mobbing the streets with machetes in hand reminded me of some of the reports of chaos and looting in Haiti.

The media and the pundits of foolishness have been so busy lambasting Pat Robertson for his comments that once again they don't stop to think about the certain amount of truth in his words and how these words apply to the bigger picture of our world.

Sara said...

I think this is a good reminder to think beyond ourselves. I can't imagine the horror, it's just too much. Thanks for the reminder!