Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cinderella Story

When the Saints won the NFL Championship....we here in Louisiana nearly thought we "had died and gone to heaven."
Well...it wasn't quite that lovely but it was a "euphoric" place emotionally to say the least.

For the next two weeks all we could do was hope, and dream, and pray.

In reality, I know it's only "Football"...but when you live here...you felt that it was much more than just football.

You saw it as a "recovery" from a great loss for which we have all mourned deeply here in our State. We needed this win for the people of New Orleans and for ALL of Louisiana.

Sunday night was the ending chapter to a wonderful Cinderella story.
One we will never forget and are thankful for.

The world's eyes have turned back to New Orleans for good reasons. Not because it has the highest murder rate in America, not because of high crime and gang problems.
And especially not because of Bourbon street.

The story is one of "redemption."

Redemption came to us here in Louisiana last Sunday night, and we believe she's staying.


Southern Touch Catering said...

Sweet message let's pray you're right.

Jenji said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you all!! So happy for your great State!!!!