Saturday, February 6, 2010

A "Who Dat Hurricane" a coming.....

Excuse my absence....we've been preparing for a "Hurricane" the past two weeks.
Anticipation has built now to a frenzied pace, and that weird "fearful excitement" which ALWAYS happens before hurricanes now being felt by all of us.

Hurricanes have hit this State before...but this one has been a good thing for Louisiana.

It's brought unity and oneness back into the atmosphere.
I, along with others have remarked on how "cheerful, and chatty people are." Even when you don't know them.

Everyone is supporting a commen cause right now it seems.

People are happy and they are smiling.
I love part of all this the best.
I hope it will remain long after this event takes place.

Regardless of Sunday's outcome.."Win or loose."

This has been a "Win/Win" situation for the people of Louisiana no matter what.

And you know what........we've all needed this bad.
We love our State....and we love "dem Saints."

Yes, my family will be having a "hurricane party" we normally don't do that during such events...but this one is special.

P.S.I'll be back after this thing "lands."
If there's any power left in the entire State of Louisiana...:~)

This could just be "The BIG ONE" you know....


sister sheri said...

Keep us in the loop... you have a hurricane... the east has a snow storm... hmmm... we have sun today! What is going on?

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, How about our Saints? Girl, I was so happy, I actually cried. The party has just begun and will last until After Mardi Gras. Who Dat say they gonna beat dem Saint? We do and we did. I just wish I could be at the airport when they arrive home, but doctors come first. Love and Hugs, Pat
Hell has just froze over!!!!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Whooo Hoooo