Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going Irish in New York

Before traveling with my family to New York for Christmas, I was diligently seeking a place for our family to eat Christmas Day dinner. I wanted this to be a meaningful place with great tasting food, as well.

Then I remembered the Irish Restaurant and Pub right down from our hotel we'd be staying at on 57th street.
Having been to this area the year previous. I was familiar with some of the local fare. I went to the internet for my search and found the place I was thinking of.

The restaurant is named "Kennedy's" and is located at 327 West 57th Street, in Manhattan.
I wrote them immediatly via e-mail and they responded quickly. And they were very kind and warm...and sent me a sample of their upcoming Christmas Day menu. The prices were gracious and the food looked and sounded wonderful so I booked us a spot.....beside the fireplace, in what they have named the "Desmond Room."

They accommodated us with that small request and so much more.

Once we entered the doors...we checked our coats with a nice lady and then walked down this long aisle past this front pub area into the Desmond Room.

Our meals consisted of "A variety of Irish breads, a winter soup, the main entrees, desserts, water, coffee and "hot tea" of course!"
It was all just so lovely. I'm so glad we went there out of ALL the places we could have gone in Manhattan.
"The Newlyweds"
Mrs. Priss
"Mrs. Mahan and Mrs. Davis"

"The Mahans"

"Mr. Davis and Himself"

One out of place "disco" ball above our heads. Bit odd.
"Carolers decorated the mantle of the large Fireplace."

We didn't take alot of photos as not to ruin the other customers meal time. After all it was Christmas Day and they place was full of families.

However.....they have a "webcam" of the inside of their lovely place and you can do what I did before I made reservations there. Go and see how nice their accommodations at their site.

Today while I'm writing and doing other things in my office......I'm listening to a new CD that was delivered to my house just yesterday.
Now who doesn't like Bing Crosby singing not just Christmas songs, but Irish songs as well???

Bing Crosby, is one of my favorite "old time" singers...and I love this song..and this video clip I'm giving you is from one of my ALL time most favorite movies in the world. "Going My Way." A movie that won Crosby an Oscar in the year 1944. It's filmed in "black and white" hence the technology of the era. But it is so worth the watching.

Here's a glimpse as to why. Enjoy my friends....


Southern Touch Catering said...

This looks like a great place! We have a small pub close to our area that looks a lot lie this. We've eaten there only once, but loved the atmosphere.

Denise said...

I would love to see New York... me and my DH hope to go there one summer.. I will see if I can find some little pub as this..... I lived in England for 3 years and so loved the atmosphere of the pubs.

Joyce said...

Denise and Teresa,
I know what you mean. The pubs are not the typical crazy BAR atmosphere. For years I would never go in one for fear it was like a bar. But they aren't.
Entire families frequent them especially the ones in the Ireland, or the British Isles.
The food is usually good.
We had marvolous food at the THREE we went to in NYC.
Denise...I hope you get to go there sometime. It's easier and cheaper than people think.
Look for specials!
There's so many more things I want to do there so I have GOT to go back. HA!
I found two new museums I want to visit.

Southern Touch Catering said...

Joyce, Love tohook up with you while your in Savannah, when are you coming? My daughter is in St Simons & we're headed down that way!

Tea said...

What a trip! And thank you for the Irish lullaby. I'm having a hard time finding a really good "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" file.
Twas great to hear from ya! :)

Tea said...

What a trip! And thank you for the Irish lullaby. I'm having a hard time finding a really good "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" file.
Twas great to hear from ya! :)