Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Blarney.......and a chance to win."

In honor of "St. Patrick's Day" good Irish friend KJ is offering a wee contest in which the prize to be had will be this.....
Ummm...good, strong "Irish Breakfast" tea from "Harney and Sons."

I'm a huge "Twinnings" fan myself but I entered her contest as well, hoping to win that bit of Irish gold.
Aheem...I mean IRISH "tea."
Same thing in my book.

Check her blogsite's called:
KJ is a wonderful lady and not at all full of "Blarney".....well maybe just a bit.

However, if you would like to "Kiss the Blarney Stone" via the "Internet"...amazing!
You can do this and now recieve the "virtual gift of GAB"

You can do it here.

You won't have to travel to Ireland, nor will you have to "lay down on your back and flip your head backwards" to kiss it.

Let me know how that works for you.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

It's so funny now when I think of St Patricks day ....I think of you! :)
Xoxox Susie

Joyce said...

It tis funny...I agree with ya!

Karen June Miller said...

Because I am a truthful lass, I AM full of blarney! The Irish from both sides of my family definitely dominates.

Thanks so much for posting this, Joyce. You are a true friend. And, I so wish that we lived closer to one another. What a hoot that would be!